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Elliot Sudal

About Elliot Sudal

Professional fisherman known for working as a shark wrangler for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He earned recognition by posting modeling content and photos of him wrangling sharks to his Instagram for his over 140,000 followers. 

Early life

He studied biology in college and began working for a range of different environmental and conservation agencies. While catching bluefish from a breach on Nantucket, he caught his first 8-foot shark and set it free. Someone recorded the incident and it went viral, launching his career as a shark wrangler. 


He is known for having earned sponsorship and representation from Avet Reels and promotes their products and website through his Instagram. He was interviewed and profiled in a People Magazine article in May of 2018. 

Family of Elliot Sudal

He was born and raised in Connecticut but later moved to Nantucket and Sanibel Island in Florida. 

Close associates of Elliot Sudal

While reeling in a 13+ foot Smalltooth Sawfish shark that took 11 hours and 10 minutes on Sanibel Island, he was visited and helped by vice president Mike Pence.