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Yuval Ayalon

About Yuval Ayalon

French performer and fitness instructor who is known for being a handstand practitioner. He runs the website Yuval on Hands and provides several workshops for both beginners and intermediates on the correct techniques for handstands. 

Early life

He first gained attention as a performer when he joined the cast of La Reve in 2005, a Las Vegas circus based act. He also competed internationally as a professional gymnast before becoming a fitness coach and performer. 


He has hosted several hand stand based workshops including in Koh Phangan, Thailand in February of 2019 and in Vienna, Austria in January of 2019. 

Family of Yuval Ayalon

He was born and raised in Paris, France. 

Close associates of Yuval Ayalon

Other gymnasts and performers known for showcasing their skills in Las Vegas include Anna Stankus and Kailia Posey. 

Waldemar Guimarães

About Waldemar Guimarães

Brazilian fitness instructor who is the creator of the MIT – Total Intensity Method – training method. 

Early life

He is a qualified physical education teacher. 


He has written multiple books on bodybuilding.  

Family of Waldemar Guimarães

He was born in Brazil on the 11th of October, 1960. 

Close associates of Waldemar Guimarães

He is close friends with Alice Matos and frequently posts photos with her. 

Luana Fiennes

About Luana Fiennes

Expert fitness instructor who became the co-founder and brand ambassador of the Dama Fitness team. She was known for having her own website, which featured training and nutritional information and shared her workout techniques on Instagram. 

Early life

She majored in Pilates and obtained an international certification by Pilates Method Aliance, from Peak Pilates in Spain and also by Polestar Pilates from England.


She was featured on the television program Voce Bonita for her fitness endeavors in December of 2017. 

Family of Luana Fiennes

She was born and raised in Brazil. She is a married mother of three boys who can often be seen on her Instagram. 

Close associates of Luana Fiennes

Other fitness models and stars from Brazil include Bella Falconi, Daniela Scarpim, Scarpelly, and Fernanda Sierra. 

Lynette Marie Hoyle

About Lynette Marie Hoyle

NASM certified personal trainer and online fitness coach who expanded to YouTube where she earned 40,000 subscribers.

Early life

She studied business administration for two years in college with most of her job experience being in sales and management.


She worked in real estate as a licensed realtor right before her personal training career began in 2014.

Family of Lynette Marie Hoyle

She married her husband Matt in 2012. She has a sister named Jen.

Close associates of Lynette Marie Hoyle

She and Cristina Capron are both American NASM certified personal trainers.

Hilda Amaral

About Hilda Amaral

CEO of the online coaching company EliteFit who participates in Spartan Races and is an ambassador for the company. Additionally, she is a private fitness chef.

Early life

She was part of her football, volleyball and gymnastics school team.


She became a judge for WNBF bodybuilding competitions. She has more than 40,000 followers on Instagram.

Family of Hilda Amaral

Her full name is Hilda Laura Amaral de Jesus Barreira.

Close associates of Hilda Amaral

She and Amelia Boone are both Spartan Race athletes.

Janice Liou

About Janice Liou

Yoga instructor who has earned recognition for her self-titled brand of personal yoga training. She has gained on her self-titled Instagram account for showcasing her favorite flows and yoga instruction. 

Early life

She earned her bachelor s degree in neuroscience and nutrition from Rutger s University in 2012. 


She has worked as a yoga instructor for PowerFlow Yoga and Hot Yoga Revolution. She has seen her Instagram audience grow to more than 250,000 followers. 

Family of Janice Liou

She is of Taiwanese descent. 

Close associates of Janice Liou

She has performed yoga with Aria Crescendo, and showcased their flow on her Instagram account.