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Cynthia Johnson

About Cynthia Johnson

American singer most widely known as the lead singer of Lipps Inc., responsible for the platinum-selling 1980 hit “Funkytown.” After that band s breakup, she became a member of the Grammy-winning group Sounds of Blackness.

Early life

She got her start as a singer and saxophonist in the Minneapolis-based band Flyte Tyme in the 70 s.


She took home the top prize at the Miss Black Minnesota, USA pageant in 1976.

Family of Cynthia Johnson

She has been married to Ted Morgan.

Close associates of Cynthia Johnson

She collaborated with saxophonist Maceo Parker on his 2005 album School s In.

Bootsy Collins

About Bootsy Collins

American singer and bassist who was one of the pioneering voices of the funk genre, playing with James Brown and Parliament-Funkadelic. test

Early life

He became a part of The Pacemakers band with his brother at the age of seventeen. The Pacemakers went on to become James Brown s band.


He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

Family of Bootsy Collins

He had a son named Bill Jr. through his marriage with Patti Collins.

Close associates of Bootsy Collins

He and George Clinton were both in Parliament-Funkadelic.

George Clinton

About George Clinton

Singer, songwriter, producer, and funk icon who was the founder and a member of both Parliament and Funkadelic.

Early life

He performed in a doo wop group while working in a barbershop as a teenager. He worked for Motown as a staff songwriter.


He is best known for the singles “Atomic Dog” and “Flashlight.”

Family of George Clinton

He has a son, George Jr. with his longtime wife Stephanie Lynn Clinton.

Close associates of George Clinton

He joined Elvis Presley in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

Lukas Forchhammer

About Lukas Forchhammer

Lead vocalist of the Danish soul pop, and funk band Lukas Graham, where he has released a couple of certified platinum albums. In 2012, his debut self-titled album topped the Hitlisten chart, and it was followed with a 2015 release titled Lukas Graham (Blue Album) which followed suit. 

Early life

He performed in the Copenhagen Boys Choir when he was eight years old. He and the band got their feet wet by posting homemade YouTube videos of them performing singles called “Criminal Mind” and “Drunk in the Morning.” 


His worked with a writing team that called themselves Future Animals. He is also known as The Duke, or Luke the Duke.

Family of Lukas Forchhammer

His real name is Lukas Forchhammer. He grew up in a town called Christiania in the center of Copenhagen. His father is of Irish descent.

Close associates of Lukas Forchhammer

He claims that Dr Dre s “2001” changed his life.

Sly Stone

About Sly Stone

Frontman of the group Sly and the Family Stone who was instrumental in the formation of soul, funk, and psychedelic genres in the United States.

Early life

He could play four instruments masterfully by the time he entered high school.


He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

Family of Sly Stone

He married Kathy Silva on June 5, 1974 and they spanorced on October 30, 1974. He has two daughters, Novena and Sylvette, and a son, Sylvester Jr.

Close associates of Sly Stone

He lived in a Beverly Hills mansion that once belonged to John Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas.

Rick James

About Rick James

Flamboyant funk singer and composer who released the hit singles “Super Freak” and “You And I,” among others.

Early life

He joined the Navy Reserve out of fear of being drafted, but ended up missing his weekend training to play music.


He struggled with drug addiction throughout his life, admitting to spending up to $7,000 a week on drugs.

Family of Rick James

After spanorcing his first wife, he married Tanya Hijazi on December 24, 1997 and they spanorced in 2002.

Close associates of Rick James

He was partially responsible for MC Hammer s “Can t Touch This” and won a Grammy Award for the song.