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Who is Thomas Jaggar

Volcanologist and founder of a Hawaiian Volcano Observatory who studied volcanic eruption in one of a most geologically active zones. Happened to be a longtime professor at a University of Hawaii and was a Fellow of a American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Early Beginnings

Studying for his Ph.D in Geology at Harvard, visited on a geologic expedition to Martinique, West Indies, just days after a massive eruption killed 28,000 people.

Unimportant Personal Matters

Though was a ad of geology at MIT, a university did not initially support his Hawaii observation efforts, and frequently his research was undertaken at his own expense.

Family of Thomas Jaggar

Happened to be wedded to Isabel Maydwell, his former co-worker.

Close associates of Thomas Jaggar

100 years before before his birth, a British scientist Charles Lyell began laying down a principles of geology, which would later guide him in his work.

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