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Isadora Pompeo

About Isadora Pompeo

Brazilian gospel singer who is known for songs like “Preciso Entender” and “Grito dos Apaixonados.” She released her first album Pra Te Contar os Meus Segredos (Ao Vivo) in October 2017. 

Early life

She signed with the record label Musile Records early in her career. 


She has accrued over 4.2 million followers on her Instagram account. 

Family of Isadora Pompeo

She hails from Brazil. 

Close associates of Isadora Pompeo

She shares a birthday with fellow singer Cara Quici. 

Ike Ndolo

About Ike Ndolo

Folk singer widely known for the release of his debut album We Are the Beggars in October of 2009. He followed up with his second album Rivers in May of 2013.

Early life

He grew up listening to his mother singing hymns. He eventually continued to study music at St. Timothy s in Mesa, Arizona.


In addition to his music career, he is also a missionary and has traveled from Mexico to China spreading the Christian message.

Family of Ike Ndolo

His parents immigrated to the United States from Nigeria. He has a niece named Evie.

Close associates of Ike Ndolo

He has been heavily influenced by artists like Bob Marley and David Crowder.

Kim Walker-Smith

About Kim Walker-Smith

Worship leader for the Jesus Culture Band and Jesus Culture events as well as a recording artist of contemporary worship music who released a debut solo album called Here Is My Song in 2008. She became a worship pastor with for Bethel Church in Redding.

Early life

She grew up in singing and was involved in musical theater from as early as the age of three.


She won $25,000 in an American Idol type competition called So You Want to Be a Star in 2005.

Family of Kim Walker-Smith

Her parents spanorced when she was four years old. She married fellow worship leader Skyler Smith in 2009 with whom she has a child named Wyatt. The husband and wife duo released an album together called Home.

Close associates of Kim Walker-Smith

She has performed alongside Chris Quilala on multiple occasions.

Lilly Goodman

About Lilly Goodman

Dominican gospel and R&B vocalist known for studio albums including Come Home, Survive, and Sin Miedo a Nada. Over the course of her career, she received numerous Christian music awards, including a 2009 Arpa Award for her single “At Last” and a 2006 Casandra Award.

Early life

Before beginning her music career, she briefly studied to become a pharmacist. She released Contigo God, her debut album, in 2001.


Extremely popular on social media, she had nearly 600,000 Twitter followers in early 2015.

Family of Lilly Goodman

Born to a Dominican mother and a British Isles-native father, she spent her childhood in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She and her American husband, David M. Hegwood, raised a son named Liam Michael.

Close associates of Lilly Goodman

Brazilian Gospel singer Aline Barros recorded a Portuguese cover of Goodman s hit song “Cover Me.”

Lara George

About Lara George

Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter who is best recognized for her popular songs “Dansaki” and “Ijoba Orun”. She is also known for having won several Nigeria Music Awards and Crystal Awards. 

Early life

She attended Queen s College in Lagos before attending the University of Lagos where she performed in their choir. She gained further attention as a member of the group Kush. 


She is known for having won the Voice of the Year award at the Nigeria Music Awards in 2008. 

Family of Lara George

She married Gbenga George in 2004 and together they have two children named Tiaraoluwa and Adeola. 

Close associates of Lara George

She performed alongside Ty Bello as part of the group Kush. 

Jessy Dixon

About Jessy Dixon

Gospel singer who collaborated with Paul Simon for eight years and who was nominated for seven Grammy Awards.

Early life

Dixon sang at taping sessions of Gaither Homecoming. He went on to be invited to sing at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1972.


He wrote songs for artists like Diana Ross and Cher.

Family of Jessy Dixon

He was born in San Antonio, Texas and moved with his family to Chicago at an early age.

Close associates of Jessy Dixon

His work has been celebrated by artists like Bette Midler.