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Rob Sheridan

About Rob Sheridan

Graphic designer and photographer who s worked extensively with the band Nine Inch Nails, for whom he s served as art director for most of their albums.

Early life

He created a NIN fan website while he was in high school, a feat that got him hired by the band after his freshman year at Pratt Institute.


He helped in the creation of the alternate-reality game Year Zero. He also created the artwork for the soundtrack to The Social Network.

Family of Rob Sheridan

He grew up in Seattle, Washington.

Close associates of Rob Sheridan

Along with NIN, he s worked with Trent Reznor s band How to Destroy Angels.

Glenn Jones

About Glenn Jones

Graphic designer and illustrator who became famous on the internet in the mid-2000s with his unique and minimalistic t-shirt designs. This led to the creation of his own brand and appearances in publications like Esquire, Wired and Men s Health Magazine. 

Early life

He got his start as a designer and illustrator at a newspaper company in the early 90s. His approach to art changed after learning to use Adobe Illustrator 3.


He was featured on the Envato YouTube series “Made By” in 2015.

Family of Glenn Jones

He married a woman named Julia, with whom he has several children. 

Close associates of Glenn Jones

His t-shirts have been worn by celebrities like Simon Pegg and Rhys Darby.

Cara Llewellyn

About Cara Llewellyn

Art director who has designed covers for numerous popular books during her time at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, including The Quiet Book (2010) and Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night (2010). She is also a popular Instagrammer whose photography has earned her 70,000 followers. 

Early life

She is originally from Charlottesville, Virginia. She earned a B.S. in illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design. 


She shared her top five Instagram photos she s ever taken on The Niche Project in 2014. 

Family of Cara Llewellyn

She married Jason Robertson. She has a younger sister named Jenna. 

Close associates of Cara Llewellyn

She designed the cover of the David Macaulay book Built to Last (2010). 

Amy Nelson

About Amy Nelson

Graphic designer and illustrator nicknamed Peebles who is best known for being the girlfriend of Mark Fischbach.

Early life

She grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and later moved to Los Angles, California.


She has earned more than 230,000 followers on Twitter.

Family of Amy Nelson

She began dating Mark in 2015, but they did not go public with their relationship until mid-2016.  She often posts pictures with her dog Henry. 

Close associates of Amy Nelson

She became friends with Jacksepticeye.

FaZe Nikan

About FaZe Nikan

Nikan Nadim, otherwise known as FaZe Nikan, is the creative director and co-founder of the FaZe Clan offshoot FaZe Studio. The graphic design studio worked to create official images for companies like GFuel and Gamma Gamers. 

Early life

He first got into graphic design after his friends, Xbox gamers, needed designs for their YouTube team. 


His FaZe Nikan YouTube channel has accumulated more than 1.1 million subscribers since he created it in 2012.

Family of FaZe Nikan

His father died in March 2016, leaving him to take care of his mother and sister. 

Close associates of FaZe Nikan

The FaZe Studio has created work for YouTube gamers like WaRTek and FaZe Adapt. 

Bagio White

About Bagio White

Jamaican graphic designer who is best known for having been the Creative Director & Editor In Chief of Dopeness Magazine. Bagio also posts pieces of his work as well as lifestyle content to his popular Instagram account.

Early life

He majored in graphic design at university.


He is a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic. He has accrued over 110,000 followers to his Instagram page. He is a big believer in astrology and often posts about being a Libra.

Family of Bagio White

He was born and raised in Jamaica.

Close associates of Bagio White

He designed a 2016 photoshoot for Dopeness Magazine with popular influencer Amanda Cerny.