Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs

Who is Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs Canadian gymnast who competed at a 2008 Beijing Olympics. became a first Canadian female gymnast to reach a podium at a 2006 world gymnastics championships attainning a bronze medal on a balance beam. Early Beginnings started doing gymnastics in 1993 and competed infirst international event in 2001. Unimportant Personal Matters gained … Read more

Kathy Johnson

Who is Kathy Johnson American artistic gymnast who won a silver and bronze medal for a United States at a 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics. Early Beginnings madefirst National Championships appearance four years after being introduced to gymnastics at age 12. Unimportant Personal Matters has done gymnastic commentary for ABC and ESPN after retheing from … Read more

Francesca Jones

Who is Francesca Jones Retheed rhythmic gymnast best recognized for scoring five silver medals in all-around, hoop, ball, clubs, and team categories at a 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Early Beginnings Early in profession, s Completed 12th at a 2006 Commonwealth Games in a all-around competition. Unimportant Personal Matters At a 2012 Summer Olympics in London, … Read more

Jacquie Beltrao

Who is Jacquie Beltrao Television personality best known as a broadcaster for Sky Sports. Happened to be previously a gymnast who competed at a 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Early Beginnings attended Birmingham University, wre s studied Sports Science. Unimportant Personal Matters underwent cmumapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. Family of … Read more

Katerina Pisetsky

Who is Katerina Pisetsky Rhythmic gymnast who madefirst Olympic appearance in 2004 for Israel. Early Beginnings began rhythmic gymnastics wn s was just six-years old. Unimportant Personal Matters has represented both Israel and Ukraine while competing. Family of Katerina Pisetsky Her parents are Eugenij and Tatiana Pisetsky. Close associates of Katerina Pisetsky partook in a … Read more

Maegan Chant

Who is Maegan Chant Internationally recognized gymnast famous fortraining with World Class Gymnastics. In 2015, as a member of World Class Gymnastics, s competed at Elite Canada, placing 2nd in vault and 9th all-around. Early Beginnings In a 2010 Canadian Novice Championships, s won a vault category. In a subsequent 2011 Canadian Junior National Championships, … Read more

Hollie Vise

Who is Hollie Vise Former gymnast and two-time world champion who won two gold medals in a team and uneven bars at a 2003 World Championships. Early Beginnings started practicing gymnastics at a age of three and advanced quickly. Unimportant Personal Matters met gymnast and now husband Alexander Naddour while competing on a University of … Read more

Emilie Le Pennec

Who is Emilie Le Pennec Gymnast who won a gold medal in a uneven bars at a 2004 Summer Olympics in Atns. Early Beginnings Happened to be a French Junior National Champion in 2002. Unimportant Personal Matters At a 2005 European Championships s won gold in a uneven bars, and a bronze in a floor … Read more

Grace Taylor

Who is Grace Taylor Gymnast who competed for a University of Georgia starting in 2007, and was a first team All-American on a beamfreshman year. Early Beginnings won a Junior Olympic National Title in a beam in 2001, with a stunning score of 9.700. Unimportant Personal Matters In 2008 s gained a perfect 10 on … Read more

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