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Gabriela ItGabl

About Gabriela ItGabl

Social media personality who is famous for her ItGabi Instagram account. She has gained there for her personal modeling selfies and lifestyle photography. 

Early life

She began regularly publishing to Instagram in October 2016. 


She has amassed more than 350,000 Instagram followers. 

Family of Gabriela ItGabl

She was originally born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Close associates of Gabriela ItGabl

She and Camilla Ferreira are both Brazilian social media stars known for their modeling on Instagram. 

Marie Cid

About Marie Cid

Lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty influencer who share model-like photos of herself on the Instagram account __mariecid. She has accrued more than 180,000 followers.

Early life

In February of 2015, she posted a first picture to her Instagram account from a Shin Sekaï concert.


She became an ambassador for Modshair salons.

Family of Marie Cid

She is from the French Riviera.

Close associates of Marie Cid

She and Sophia Lazare are both French Instagram influencers.

Regina Melo

About Regina Melo

Social media star who has risen to fame for her re_24k Instagram account. She has gained for her glamorous lingerie, casual chic, and glamorous made-up modeling. 

Early life

She began her Instagram account in May 2017. 


She has seen her Instagram audience grow to more than 550,000 followers. She has also gained more than 30,000 subscribers to her eponymous YouTube channel. 

Family of Regina Melo

Her long-time boyfriend s name is Vinicyus. 

Close associates of Regina Melo

She and Natalie Tortelli are both glamorous models from Brazil on Instagram. 

Regina Hunt

About Regina Hunt

MyProtein athlete and Instagram influencer who is known for posting fitness and swimwear photos on her regina_hunt account. She has gone on to garner over 100,000 followers on the platform.

Early life

As a student she tried to get out of taking physical education courses.


She attended the 2016 Body Power Expo in the United Kingdom.

Family of Regina Hunt

She was in a relationship with Jamie Matthews.

Close associates of Regina Hunt

She and fellow influencer Nick Crompton were both born in the United Kingdom. 

Regina Unite

About Regina Unite

Social media starlet who is famous for her eponymous Instagram account. She has earned massive there for her lingerie and partially nude modeling photos and short twerking videos. 

Early life

She began her Instagram account in August 2015. 


She has amassed more than 240,000 followers to her Instagram account. She appeared on the College Babes of America s Snapchat account in January 2017.

Family of Regina Unite

She has one younger brother named Richard. 

Close associates of Regina Unite

She and ThatGalinAtl are both famous Instagrammers known for their twerking. 

Katrina Centeno

About Katrina Centeno

Instagram star who is known best for her calligraphy work. She has over 290,000 followers on her calligkatrina Instagram account.

Early life

She started her company Caligraphy Katrina as a way to pay for college at age 19.


Her company started with just $10 running off of pens and envelopes and an ae-mail account.

Family of Katrina Centeno

She has a daughter. 

Close associates of Katrina Centeno

She and Jhon Daniel are both Instagram stars with calligraphy skills from the Philippines.