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Kathy Sáenz

About Kathy Sáenz

Colombian telenovela star recognized for her award-winning roles in Juegos prohibidos, Pura Sangre, and Un sueño llamado salsa. She has also been seen in Las Santísimas and Amor a la plancha. 

Early life

She made her television debut in 1993 in the series La maldición del paraíso. 


Outside her acting roles, she has presented for RCN Magazine and Panorama. 

Family of Kathy Sáenz

She married actor and singer Sebastian Martinez in 2008. 

Close associates of Kathy Sáenz

Majida Issa appeared alongside her in the 2012 telenovela Las santísimas. 

Irene Rain

About Irene Rain

Spanish YouTuber who has won legions of fans with her self-titled beauty, fashion and vlog channel. Her channel has attracted more than 160,000 subscribers so far.

Early life

She began uploading videos to YouTube in October 2013.


She has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram.

Family of Irene Rain

Her sister has appeared on her YouTube channel.

Close associates of Irene Rain

She has made collaboration videos with fellow Spanish YouTuber Rebeca Stones, also known as Eclipse939898.

Karolina Erlandsson

About Karolina Erlandsson

Instagram star who is known for sharing a variety of traveling content and nature driven photos to her Instagram for her over 60,000 followers. She has shared shots from a variety of locations including Sri Lanka, Greece, and Guatemala. 

Early life

She first began sharing her range of traveling photos through Instagram in January of 2014. 


She visited the Milan Cathedral in Duomo di Milano and shared the shot through her Instagram in September of 2017. 

Family of Karolina Erlandsson

She was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Close associates of Karolina Erlandsson

Stefan Kunz is another Instagram photographer who shoots with a Nikon camera. 

Jean Chretien

About Jean Chretien

20th Prime Minister of Canada, an office he held from 1993 to 2003. He resigned amid accusations about his involvement in the Sponsorship Scandal.

Early life

In his youth, he suffered an attack of Bell s palsy, permanently leaving the left side of his face partially paralyzed.


While he was the Prime Minister of Canada he was strongly opposed to the Quebec sovereignty movement.

Family of Jean Chretien

He met his wife, Aline Chaine when they were 13, and they married in September 1957.

Close associates of Jean Chretien

While he was in office as the 20th Prime Minister of Canada, Queen Elizabeth II served as the Constitutional Monarch.

Gladys Castellanos

About Gladys Castellanos

Television and radio host known for her work on Mexican talk show Dia a Dia (Day by Day). She s also worked in radio hosting the popular show Se Armo La Fiesta on Fiesta Mexicana. 

Early life

She is from Guadalajara, Mexico. 


She hosted Dia a Dia for six years, but left in 2016 to focus on motherhood. 

Family of Gladys Castellanos

She s been married and shares two sons with her husband. 

Close associates of Gladys Castellanos

She s a fan of actor Aaron Diaz and the two are pictured meeting on her Instagram.

Lari Oliveira

About Lari Oliveira

YouTube star who is known for making videos with her boyfriend on her channel including vlogs and challenges. She has earned over 182 million views and 3.3 million subscribers on the platform.

Early life

She was born and raised in Brazil.


She joined the platform in July 2016.

Family of Lari Oliveira

She has been in a long-term relationship with Silver Lari.

Close associates of Lari Oliveira

Gabie Fernandes is also a YouTube star from Brazil who has gained a large following on the platform.