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Kori Juega

About Kori Juega

YouTube personality and digital content creator who rose to fame as the matriarch of the Family Juega channel. She and her family members have more than 850,000 subscribers on the platform.

Early life

She made her YouTube debut in an early 2019 video titled “Fuimos Al Zoologico.”


One of her most popular videos “Pidiendo Dulces en Halloween” has been viewed more than 12 million times.

Family of Kori Juega

She and her husband have two children. 

Close associates of Kori Juega

Both she and Billy LeBlanc are members of YouTube families. 

Jeanine Mason

About Jeanine Mason

Dancer and actress who was crowned the winner of the fifth season of the reality dancing show So You Think You Can Dance in 2009. After winning the competition, she landed acting roles on series like Awkward, Bunheads, and You re the Worst. In 2019, she landed the role of Liz Ortecho in the CW s Roswell, New Mexico.

Early life

She was born in Miami and began formally training in dance at age 3. She later became interested in acting, appearing in various school plays.


At age 18, she became the youngest winner in So You Think You Dance history to that point.

Family of Jeanine Mason

Her sister Alexis competed on the eighth season So You Think You Can Dance.

Close associates of Jeanine Mason

She appeared on the Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush starring Carlos PenaVega.

Kerri Green

About Kerri Green

Former teen actress best known for her role as Andy Carmichael in the film The Goonies, which starred Sean Astin.

Early life

She received her BFA from Vassar College.


She co-wrote and directed the play Bellyfruit in 1999.

Family of Kerri Green

She has lived in New York with her husband and children. 

Close associates of Kerri Green

She guest starred on the series Mad About You with Helen Hunt.

Kenna Bangerter

About Kenna Bangerter

Popular content creator who is best known for her kennabang TikTok account where she posts vlogs and comedy videos. Her videos, which often involve her husband, have earned her over 330,000 followers on the social media platform. 

Early life

She was a cheerleader for her high school team. 


She posts lifestyle, family, and travel vlogs to her Kenna & Jack YouTube channel. 

Family of Kenna Bangerter

She and her husband, Jack, have a daughter named Tommy. 

Close associates of Kenna Bangerter

She posted a TikTok set to the Justin Bieber song “Holy” in November 2020. 

Kacey Clarke

About Kacey Clarke

English actress who came to fame as a teenager playing Maddie Gilks on the long-running children s drama series Grange Hill. She has since gone on to star in feature films like 2010 s Resident Evil: Afterlife and 2015 s Seeking Dolly Parton.

Early life

She began appearing in commercials and stage plays at age 9.


She was featured on the web series Massholes in 2013.

Family of Kacey Clarke

She has a brother named Kye and a sister named Tyla. She is the second cousin of actress Victoria Shalet.

Close associates of Kacey Clarke

She co-starred with Jack McMullen on Grange Hill.

Kacey Barnfield

About Kacey Barnfield

Initially famous for her teenage role as Maddie Gilks on the popular BBC series Grange Hill, she went on to appear in episodes of Casualty and The Inbetweeners, as well as in the films I Spit on Your Grave 2 and Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Early life

She started acting in theatrical productions and television commercials when she was just nine years old and appeared in her first episode of Grange Hill when she was thirteen.


In 2011, she acted in a made-for-TV movie titled Jabberwock.

Family of Kacey Barnfield

Born to Malcolm and Karen Barnfield, she grew up in London, England, with siblings named Tyla and Kye. Her cousin Victoria Shalet also successfully pursued a television acting career.

Close associates of Kacey Barnfield

Early in her career, she appeared with Kate Maberly in the 2007 comedy movie Popcorn.