Donald Tong

Who is Donald Tong Broadcast radio personality and DJ who is recognized for his work on a programs More Saliva Than Waves and Listen to Music. Happened to be also a member of a popular comedy group I Love You Boyz. Early Beginnings In 1993, enrolled in t Maryknoll College of Medicine. Unimportant Personal Matters He made an appearance … Read more

Samuel Weidenhofer

Who is Samuel Weidenhofer Social media personality and TikTok content creator who made it to the top with a video in which holds up a sign with an endearing message for those who are artbroken or struggling. He Has more than 2.6 million followers on his itssozer account. Early Beginnings He worked at a discount retail shop called Cap … Read more

Sammy Nelson

Who is Sammy Nelson TikTok personality and creator who is predominantly recognized for sharing Minecraft videos on his sammylammy2 account. He Has built a fanbase of more than 250,000 followers on a platform. Early Beginnings One of his Initially Minecraft TikToks was set to Hippie Sabotage s “Devil Eyes.” Unimportant Personal Matters He recreated Mercedes Benz Stadium in a TikTok that … Read more

Kristy Lee

Who is Kristy Lee Social media personality and TikTok content creator who is famous for sharing song covers and performances on r tofficialkristylee account. Has more than 1.5 million followers on a platform. Early Beginnings madeTikTok debut in May of 2017. One offirst performances was a cover of Ariana Grande s “Be Alright.” Unimportant Personal Matters Being an … Read more

Ike Edeani

Who is Ike Edeani Photograpr who received t  Magenta Foundation s Flash Forward 2017 Award. has 500,000 followers on r edeani Instagram account. Early Beginnings He decided to be an architect wn was 11 or 12 and visited his sister s college dorm. Tre, met an architecture student.  Unimportant Personal Matters Happened to be recognized as one … Read more

Loni Jane

Who is Loni Jane Clean-eating guru and Instagram sensation famous for having gained more than 370,000 followers on a photo app sharing regular pictures ofcolorful and althy vegetarian concoctions. Early Beginnings After spendingtwenties with numerous nights out consuming alcohol and processed foods,ill alth convincedto changediet and lifestyle to plant-based eating and regular exercise. Unimportant Personal … Read more

Johanna Salomaa

Who is Johanna Salomaa Famous as a frontwoman of a Finnish pop group Indica. A singer, songwriter, and violinist also known as Jonsu, s released a 2004 Platinum album titled Ikuinen Virta and recorded numerous otr Finnish Top 5 albums, including Valoissa and Akvaario. Early Beginnings began writing music wn s was just six years … Read more

Josi Daresbach

Who is Josi Daresbach Brazilian YouTube star who is widely famous forself-titled Josi Daresbach channel s content. Has gained tre fortravelogues as a Brazilian national living in a United States. Early Beginnings Initially moved to Boston, Massachusetts from Brazil. subsequently moved to Louisiana after 6 years in Boston. Unimportant Personal Matters One ofmost popular YouTube … Read more

LaTisha Springer

Who is LaTisha Springer Fashion, beauty, and family blogger most well famous forblog Girl in a Yellow Dress. blog covers everything from everyday outfits to Do It Yourselfs to life as a working mom. Early Beginnings Before launchingblog, s spend more than a decade working as a cosmetologist. Unimportant Personal Matters Her blogging profession Has … Read more

Kristin Crabtree

Who is Kristin Crabtree Makeup artist who Has found a dedicated folloattaing on Instagram, wre s posts makeup videos ranging from everyday looks to outlandish fantasy and horror designs. So far, r kcrab__ account Has amassed more than 120,000 followers.  Early Beginnings lived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma before moving to Fort Collins, Colorado.  Unimportant Personal Matters Happened … Read more

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