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Marie Trintignant

About Marie Trintignant

The daughter of French filmmaker Francois Cluzet who won the country s Cesar award five times.

Early life

She was a shy child and the shyness was made worse by the unexpected death of her young sister.


She won her second Best Actress Cesar Award for her role in the 1999 film Comme Elle Respire.

Family of Marie Trintignant

Her boyfriend Bertrand Cantat was a lead singer with the French rock band Noir Désir and was convicted of murder after her death.

Close associates of Marie Trintignant

Melanie Laurent is another Cesar Award-winning actress.

Marie Palot

About Marie Palot

TV host who is the presenter of Nyusu Show on J-One. She uses her blog Mariang to keep her fans up to date with her interests. She has over 170,000 followers on her mariecpalot Instagram account. 

Early life

Her first Instagram post was of her sleeping cat in November 2013. 


She loves all things anime. 

Family of Marie Palot

She has a group of cousins that share the last name Benetton. 

Close associates of Marie Palot

She dated Squeezie in 2015. 

Sami Kuronen

About Sami Kuronen

Broadcast radio personality and television presenter who is best recognized for his work with Radio Suomipop. In 2013, he began hosting the final round of the Miss Finland beauty pageant.

Early life

He made his on-air debut in 2012.


In 2004, while in school he hosted a talk show than ran uninterrupted for 50 hours.

Family of Sami Kuronen

He has a daughter named Oona Kuronen.

Close associates of Sami Kuronen

He was photographed with rapper Jare Joakim Brand in 2017. 

Tahira Kashyap

About Tahira Kashyap

Indian writer, mass communications professor and cancer survivor who authored the books Souled Out and I Promise. Her biggest social media presence is on Instagram where she shares lifestyle photos with over 410,000 followers.

Early life

She launched her own PR agency called Direct Relations in Chandigarh, India.


She worked as a programming head for radio s BIG FM 92.7.

Family of Tahira Kashyap

Her parents names are Anita and Yajan. She married actor and host Ayushmann Khurrana in 2008. They have a daughter named Varushka and a son named Virajveer.

Close associates of Tahira Kashyap

Preeti Singh and Rahul Kaushik are two other accomplished novelists with Indian ancestry.

Martin Bailey

About Martin Bailey

Nature and wildlife photographer, pioneering podcaster, and international workshop leader who is well known for his fine art work in Japan, Antarctica, Iceland, and Africa, among other locations.

Early life

He worked as a lace engineer in England after high-school, then moved to Japan doing the same job for four years since 1991, before going to college in Japan and graduating at age 30. After moving back to England for three years, he moved back to Tokyo, and worked for a Florida based tech company in Tokyo for 10 years before he incorporated his company and started doing photography full time in 2010.


His photography podcast is the third longest running, since Sept 2005. He was diagnosed with having a brain tumor in 2011. It was surgically removed and he is able to live a normal life thanks to the amazing doctors that helped him.

Family of Martin Bailey

He married and has no children and was born in Derby, England.

Close associates of Martin Bailey

He is an English photographer like Sam Taylor-Wood.