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Katrina Sherwood

About Katrina Sherwood

American YouTuber and actress who is most famous for her popular DIY channel Katrinaosity, where she offers DIY techniques for fashion, makeup and more. As an actress, she can be seen on shows like Wives with Knives and I Killed the Devil.

Early life

She has lived in San Francisco and Los Angeles.


She was in a commercial for Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears which was viewed more than 300,000 times on YouTube.

Family of Katrina Sherwood

She married a man named Mike.

Close associates of Katrina Sherwood

She appeared alongside Kate Bosworth in the 2013 film Big Sur.

Mona Swain

About Mona Swain

Skit and lip sync content creator who rose to fame by sharing short videos on her monaswain TikTok account. Her relatable content helped her to amass more than 1.5 million fans.

Early life

She attended the Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts. 


In 2019, she was cast in a stage production of War Paint. 

Family of Mona Swain

She was born in the United States.

Close associates of Mona Swain

She created several duet videos featuring Merrick Beaumont. 

Rachel Underhill

About Rachel Underhill

Social star who blends her love for music and comedy on her popular TikTok account, which has over 800,000 fans. 

Early life

She first began posting to Instagram in November 2015. 


She posted a duet with Anthony Reeves to TikTok in 2018. 

Family of Rachel Underhill

Her brother is fellow social star Jesse Underhill. She also has brothers named Aaron, Levi and Issac. Her boyfriend Jaedon Long has appeared on her TikTok account.

Close associates of Rachel Underhill

She featured “Uber Everywhere” by MadeinTYO in a popular video. 

Kelsey Nicole Hernandez

About Kelsey Nicole Hernandez

Instagrammer whose selfies, travel shots and animal photography earned her more than 20,000 followers. 

Early life

She began posting to Instagram in September 2015.


She is the owner of the clothing company SCUMXDOG.

Family of Kelsey Nicole Hernandez

She has been married.

Close associates of Kelsey Nicole Hernandez

Like Gretty Rose, she is an Instagrammer with her own clothing line.

Liz Trinnear

About Liz Trinnear

Canadian television personality who has been a host for MuchMusic and CTV s eTalk.

Early life

Her first gig in media was for a local radio station as a junior personality.


She has a passion for acting, modeling, and producing and enjoys checking out new indie music acts and cruising international fashion blogs.

Family of Liz Trinnear

She was born in London, Ontario, Canada. In July 2017 she married Nathaniel Motte of 3OH!3.

Close associates of Liz Trinnear

During high school, she had a passion for theater and being on stage and was often caught singing Gwen Stefani songs in the halls.

Elyse Cole

About Elyse Cole

Making a name for herself in the role of Young Tris in 2014 s Divergent, she would go on to land a part in the American remake of Martyrs and the 2016 movie Love Is All You Need?

Early life

She began taking acting classes at the age of 8. Her first role was in The Secret Children.


She booked a guest role in the ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat.

Family of Elyse Cole

She is from California.

Close associates of Elyse Cole

She played the younger version of Shailene Woodley s character in Divergent.