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Óscar Alfredo Ruggeri

About Óscar Alfredo Ruggeri

Argentine professional football player who is known for his work with the Lanus and San Lorenzo clubs. He is also known for having played on the Argentina national team and for having had a career as a team manager and coach. 

Early life

He first started his youth career playing for the Boca Juniors in 1970. He then made his senior debut for the club in 1980. In 1983, he started his career with the Argentina club and in 1998 he started his career as a coach for San Lorenzo. 


He has won several honors including La Liga Foreign Player of the Year in 1989 and Footballer of the Year of Argentina in 1991. 

Family of Óscar Alfredo Ruggeri

He has a son named Stephan who is also a professional football player and a daughter named Candela. 

Close associates of Óscar Alfredo Ruggeri

He played in 21 Copa America games, tying the record of fellow player José Salomón Rondón. 

Hazel Concheri

About Hazel Concheri

TikTok star who has gained fame for her hazelglow_ TikTok channel s content. Her dancing and lip-syncing to pop music have helped her soar past more than 100,000 fans. 

Early life

She began gaining notoriety on TikTok in October 2019. 


Her post on National Coming Out Day, a montage documenting her transgender transition, went viral in October 2019. She has seen it surpass 1 million likes. 

Family of Hazel Concheri

She identifies as transgender.

Close associates of Hazel Concheri

She and Damien Cullen are both famous trans TikTok stars. 

Quinn Bezemer

About Quinn Bezemer

Short-form content creator who is best recognized for the comedy and prank videos he and his twin brother Aaron post to their quinnenaaron TikTok account. They have accumulated over 460,000 followers on the social media platform. 

Early life

He appeared in his first TikTok in December 2019. 


His prank and comedy videos have earned him over 30,000 subscribers on his Quinn en Aaron YouTube channel. 

Family of Quinn Bezemer

He posted a YouTube video titled “NAILED IT – Baking a DREAM PIE with our GRANDMA!” in November 2020. 

Close associates of Quinn Bezemer

He has collaborated with social media star Thomas Messina on his TikTok account. 

Jessie Cheroske

About Jessie Cheroske

Creator of comedy, transition, and lip-sync TikTok videos who also posts photos of herself on Instagram. She is a frequent Snapchat user as well, with her filters of choice being big mouth and dog.

Early life

She began dancing at the age of three. She started going to dance camps all over the United States when she was eleven years old.


Her Tik Tok video “Marry Me Rebecca” hit over one million likes and over ten million views. She was crowned five months after using the app, and has gained more than 500,000 fans.

Family of Jessie Cheroske

She was born and raised in a small town in southwestern Colorado. She has an older brother named Jack and her father is John. She has step-mom named Cindy and three stepsisters: Kara (oldest), Erin (middle), and Paige (youngest). 

Close associates of Jessie Cheroske

She met her best friends Levi Underhill and Austin David Lynn through TikTok.  

Irina Sokolovskaya

About Irina Sokolovskaya

Ukrainian photographer and stylist who is known for her work as a swimsuit and lingerie photographer. Often taken at sunset on different beaches and tropical locations, she shares her photography through Instagram for her over 130,000 followers. 

Early life

She first started sharing her photography work through Instagram in March of 2013. 


She is also an ambassador for several different brands and companies which she promotes through Instagram including Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, Palazzo Versace Dubai, and Irina Adina Swimwear and Nightwear. 

Family of Irina Sokolovskaya

She was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. 

Close associates of Irina Sokolovskaya

Other photographers also based out of the Ukraine include Oleg Shevchyshyn and Daryna Kossar. 

Karol Eller

About Karol Eller

Brazilian social media star whose entertainment and political posts and opinion vlogs have garnered her 270,000 followers on Instagram and 70,000 YouTube subscribers. 

Early life

Her first YouTube video was posted on April 5, 2015, and was titled “Who knows the value of vehicles in the US?”


She gained criticism for many on the left for openly supporting Jair Bolsonaro. 

Family of Karol Eller

Musician Cássia Rejane Eller is her cousin. 

Close associates of Karol Eller

She is close with João Gabriel and his wife Renata Gabry.