Oguzhan Ugur

Who is Oguzhan Ugur Musician and filmmaker who wrote and directed his first film, Heavy Abi, in 2011. He debuted his first album, Şükür Şükür, in 2012.  Early Beginnings He graduated from Akdeniz University with a fine arts degree, majoring in photography.  Unimportant Personal Matters In 2017 began writing and directing for a YouTube channels Budabi, … Read more

Marley Berry

Who is Marley Berry Social media star who Has gained for a musical covers s posts to r marleybleu TikTok account. Her videos have gainedover 210,000 followers on a platform.  Early Beginnings launcdTikTok account in December 2019.  Unimportant Personal Matters Her first TikTok video to receive over 1 million views featurescovering t Minnie Riperton song “Lovin You”.  Family of … Read more

Liz Golden

Who is Liz Golden Singer who made it to the top after posting a music video tountouched song “Do You Remember Me” on YouTube in January 2009. is largely famous forself-titled channel wre s posts covers of popular artists. Early Beginnings createdfirst channel and uploadedfirst YouTube video in October 2008. Unimportant Personal Matters has worked … Read more

Lia Sharief

Who is Lia Sharief Instagram star who Has used a platform to post about food, drinks, fashion, and travel. Early Beginnings Her first Instagram post is ofsitting on bricks in Paris in August 2017. Unimportant Personal Matters visited New York in June and July 2018. Has over 70,000 followers onlia_sharief Instagram account. Family of Lia Sharief … Read more

Mara Andrew

Who is Mara Andrew Best recognized as a steplittle one of insanely popular blogger Christine Andrew.  Early Beginnings Happened to be brought up todad from a previous connection.  Unimportant Personal Matters often appears in photos on Christine s Instagram account. Family of Mara Andrew Her dad s name is Cody Andrew. Has one brother, Wes, and one … Read more

Lynne McGranger

Who is Lynne McGranger Famous for participating Irene Roberts on a popular Seven Network soap opera Home and Away, this Australian actress appeared on a show from 1993 until 2014. Early Beginnings Before beginningtelevision acting profession, s studied at New South Wales Riverina College of Advanced Education and worked as a schooleducator. Unimportant Personal Matters … Read more

Lolita Rodriguez

Who is Lolita Rodriguez Known forroles in such acclaimed films as Ina Ka Ng Anak Mo, Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang, and Stardoom, this award-attainning Filipina actress appeared in close to ninety movies over a course offour-decade profession. Early Beginnings madescreen acting debut at a age of eighteen, appearing in two 1953 Filipino films: Ating Pag-ibig … Read more

Isabel Lucas

Who is Isabel Lucas Australian actress whose first major role was in Transformers: Revenge of a Fallen. also appeared in a 2015 film Careful What You Wish For, starring Nick Jonas. Early Beginnings Happened to be discovered by talent agent Sharron Meissner while vacationing in Port Douglas. Unimportant Personal Matters had a role created foron … Read more

Kit Bencharongkul

Who is Kit Bencharongkul Photograpr who Has shot for Thailand s top fashion magazine. He photograpd Milan Fashion Week in 2015. He Has over 270,000 followers on his kitb Instagram account. Early Beginnings He studied architecture at University. Unimportant Personal Matters He once started a charity called @KitB_Brand, that donated all of its earnings to a blind.  He … Read more

Joey Clark

Who is Joey Clark Lip sync and dance creator who shares short form videos on his xjoeyclark TikTok account, which Has gained over 140,000 fans. He frequently appears in videos staring dramatically into a camera lens and utilized a text on screen feature within a platform. Early Beginnings He began singing at a young age and … Read more

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