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Oguzhan Ugur

About Oguzhan Ugur

Musician and filmmaker who wrote and directed his first film, Heavy Abi, in 2011. He debuted his first album, Şükür Şükür, in 2012. 

Early life

He graduated from Akdeniz University with a fine arts degree, majoring in photography. 


In 2017 he began writing and directing for the YouTube channels Budabi, Babala and Onedio. 

Family of Oguzhan Ugur

His father, H. Atillâ Uğur, was a soldier. He has a brother, Tuğrul Uğur. 

Close associates of Oguzhan Ugur

On February 22, 2019, he posted a photo on set with Gokce. 

Seth Briggs

About Seth Briggs

Short form video star who has risen to fame for his therealsethbriggs TikTok channel. His text-in-video memes, skits, and lip syncs have helped him garner more than 5 million total likes.

Early life

He began his TikTok channel in December 2019.


He has amassed more than 130,000 TikTok followers. 

Family of Seth Briggs

He was originally born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. 

Close associates of Seth Briggs

He has performed a duet to Anna Shumate on his TikTok channel.

Marley Berry

About Marley Berry

Social media star who has gained for the musical covers she posts to her marleybleu TikTok account. Her videos have earned her over 210,000 followers on the platform. 

Early life

She launched her TikTok account in December 2019. 


Her first TikTok video to receive over 1 million views features her covering the Minnie Riperton song “Lovin You”. 

Family of Marley Berry

Her parents have appeared on her marleybleuberry Instagram account. 

Close associates of Marley Berry

She posted a TikTok video recreating a Charlie Puth beatbox in October 2020. 

Liz Golden

About Liz Golden

Singer who rose to fame after posting the music video to her original song “Do You Remember Me” on YouTube in January 2009. She is largely known for her self-titled channel where she posts covers of popular artists.

Early life

She created her first channel and uploaded her first YouTube video in October 2008.


She has worked with and appeared at a number of Smashbox Cosmetic events.

Family of Liz Golden

She and her younger sister Anna are from California.

Close associates of Liz Golden

One of her more popular videos is a cover of the Katy Perry song “The One That Got Away.”

Lia Sharief

About Lia Sharief

Instagram star who has used the platform to post about food, drinks, fashion, and travel.

Early life

Her first Instagram post is of her sitting on bricks in Paris in August 2017.


She visited New York in June and July 2018. She has over 70,000 followers on her lia_sharief Instagram account.

Family of Lia Sharief

She posted a photo of her and her cat together in Instagram in Tbilisi, Georgia in April 2018.

Close associates of Lia Sharief

She and Sophia Diamond are both Instagram stars from Russia.

Mara Andrew

About Mara Andrew

Best recognized as the stepdaughter of insanely popular blogger Christine Andrew. 

Early life

She was born to her father from a previous relationship. 


She often appears in photos on Christine s Instagram account.

Family of Mara Andrew

Her father s name is Cody Andrew. She has one brother, Wes, and one half brother, Beckam Andrew. 

Close associates of Mara Andrew

She gained fame as the relative of a fashion and parenting blogger like Natalie Jean.