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Shauna Davitt

About Shauna Davitt

Content creator behind the account shauna_the_sheep123 who has earned her 340,000 fans by posting a comedic and entertaining videos.

Early life

She was originally known on TikTok as shaunasings123. She began posting to her shauna_the_sheep Instagram account in December of 2018. 


She first earned triple digits in likes with a post captioned as “Ladies can we start a trend by showing our jawline?”

Family of Shauna Davitt

Her parents Yvonne and Declan have greatly supported her TikTok endeavors. She has a sister named Tara who is also active on TikTok and a brother named Jay. She dated a guy named Jake.

Close associates of Shauna Davitt

She used the Melanie Martinez song “Show and Tell” for a transition video that she captioned as “Whoops I did it again.”

Jess DiTirro

About Jess DiTirro

Crowned TikTok star with over 450,000 fans and more than 8 million hearts on her jessditirro account. 

Early life

She started posting to Instagram in 2014 and she launched her account in August 2015. One of her first jobs was working at a McDonald s.


She has four tattoos, including one on her ankle that matches tattoos her mother and sister have and one on her arm of a palm tree. 

Family of Jess DiTirro

She was raised with four siblings. Originally from Ohio, she moved to California in the summer of 2015.

Close associates of Jess DiTirro

She has collaborated on videos with her close friend Danielle Renaee.

Jess Brooke

About Jess Brooke

YouTube star who is famous for her eponymous channel and its content. She has earned there for her beauty routines and favorites, fashion hauls, and lifestyle vlogging. 

Early life

She began her YouTube channel in March 2014. 


Some of her most popular YouTube videos have included “MY FALL MORNING ROUTINE!” and “WINTER MORNING ROUTINE.” She has also earned more than 40,000 YouTube subscribers. 

Family of Jess Brooke

She featured her boyfriend Braden on her YouTube channel frequently throughout 2017. 

Close associates of Jess Brooke

She and Kalyn Nicholson are both popular YouTubers known for their beauty and lifestyle vlogging. 

Mari Vasconi

About Mari Vasconi

Brazilian beauty YouTuber whose vlogs have amassed her channel 180,000 subscribers and 13 million overall views. 

Early life

Her first YouTube video was uploaded on August 7, 2014, and was a winter eyeshadow tutorial. 


She is particularly known for her curly hair care tips and tricks. 

Family of Mari Vasconi

She has a brother, Vinicius. She began dating Luis Carlos Prats Ruiz in 2017. 

Close associates of Mari Vasconi

On September 21, 2018, she posted a photo with Maira Azevedo. 

Estelle Shana

About Estelle Shana

French Instagram star who usually posts selfies and fitness content to her estelle_shanaa Instagram account. She has amassed over 130,000 followers on her Instagram. 

Early life

She first posted to her Instagram account in August 2014. 


She has been a brand ambassador for Women s Best. 

Family of Estelle Shana

She posted a photo of her pet dog to her Instagram account in January 2017. 

Close associates of Estelle Shana

She and Camille Jansen are both popular Instagram models from France. 

Gracie Matrix

About Gracie Matrix

TikTok star who has gained for her graciematrix account where she posts lip sync, cosplay, and acting videos. Her content has earned her over 250,000 followers on the social media platform. 

Early life

She launched her TikTok account in March 2020. 


She often cosplays as characters from Harry Potter and Riverdale. 

Family of Gracie Matrix

Her sister has appeared on her graciematrix Instagram account. She was born in Hertfordshire, England. 

Close associates of Gracie Matrix

She posted a lip syncing duet with TikTok star Actinganimagus in January 2020.