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Gad Tsobari

About Gad Tsobari

Light-flyweight wrestler best known for being the lone survivor in his apartment during the Munich Massacre at the 1972 Olympics.

Early life

He was one of Israel s premier wrestlers in his teens and 20 s.


He was originally taken hostage, but his coach helped him escape.

Family of Gad Tsobari

He was born and raised in Israel.

Close associates of Gad Tsobari

His nephew is Olympic medalist Shahar Tzuberi.

Kellie Hernandez

About Kellie Hernandez

Social media star who posts irreverent vlogs. She is known for her big hair and wearing a crooked crown. She has amassed more than 340,000 followers on her momma_kellie TikTok account.

Early life

She posted her first TikTok video on July 4, 2020.


She described herself as “the Hot Mess Express.”

Family of Kellie Hernandez

She has a son named Karlos and a daughter named Viviana.

Close associates of Kellie Hernandez

She is a popular TikTok star akin to Lauren Kettering.

Lainey Heller

About Lainey Heller

Lip sync performer and TikTok personality who rose to fame on her lonnylarz account. She has more than 440,000 followers on the platform.

Early life

She made her TikTok debut in July of 2019. One of her earliest lip sync performances is set to rapper Freddie Dredd s “Cha Cha.”


As an influencer, she promotes the nonprofit organization Protect the Arctic on her self-titled Instagram.

Family of Lainey Heller

She was born in Naples, FL. She and Sydney Bechter have been in a relationship.

Close associates of Lainey Heller

In late 2020, she created a TikTok set to rapper 21 Savage s “Red Opps.” 

Lena Hall

About Lena Hall

Singer and actress who first rose to fame for her long career on Broadway, appearing in the popular musical Kinky Boots and winning the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical in Hedwig and the Angry Inch opposite Neil Patrick Harris. She also competed in the 2008 reality series Legally Blonde – The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods.

Early life

She graduated from Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts with a focus in dance and went on to study at the Young People s Teen Musical Theatre Company.


Outside of her musical theater work, she fronts the rock band The Deafening and has released albums both with the band and solo.

Family of Lena Hall

She was born Celina Consuela Gabriella Carvajal to Carlos and Carolyn Carvajal. Her sister Calliope is a stylist.

Close associates of Lena Hall

She has appeared in several films and television shows such as opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City and alongside Cameron Mathison in All My Children.

Elsa Martinelli

About Elsa Martinelli

Award-winning Italian film actress and former fashion model who appeared in Donatella. 

Early life

Kirk Douglas cast her in one of his films, The Indian Fighter, after noticing her on a magazine cover.


She was the recipient of the Silver Bear Award for Best Actress at the 6th Berlin International Film Festival for her performance in Donatella.

Family of Elsa Martinelli

She was born and raised in Tuscany, Italy.

Close associates of Elsa Martinelli

She appeared alongside Richard Lewis in the 1992 film Once Upon a Crime.

Gianna Grace

About Gianna Grace

Vlogger on YouTube who has earned a substantial subscribe base with videos like “Opening Your Snapchats” and “Slime Collection 2016.” Several of her most watched videos are part of a “Reacting to Cringey Musical.lys” series.

Early life

She registered for her YouTube channel in March of 2015, publishing a first video called “weird girl dancing.”


It took her more than one full calendar year from when she joined YouTube to earn her first 1,000 subscribers in May of 2016. She then reached her goal of 10,000 subscribers only four months after that.

Family of Gianna Grace

She has a sister named Emily.

Close associates of Gianna Grace

She has collaborated on YouTube with best friend HelloHaley.