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Gabriel Santoyo

About Gabriel Santoyo

Most well recognized for his recurring roles in the Mexican shows Kipatla and Señora Acero. He has also been seen in the role of Mauricio in 2014 s Four Moons.

Early life

In 2013, he made his acting debut in the drama Las Lágrimas.


He has appeared in several episodes of Como Dice el Dicho and La Rosa de Guadalupe. 

Family of Gabriel Santoyo

His parents names are Blanca and Gabriel and he has two younger sisters named Ludwika and Dasha. 

Close associates of Gabriel Santoyo

In the hit series Señora Acero, he starred opposite Litzy and Blanca Soto.

Hailee Payne

About Hailee Payne

Dancer and contestant on season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance. She went on to join the So You Think You Can Dance Tour in 2015. 

Early life

She started out as a jazz dancer at 4 years old before branching out into different styles, like ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and ballroom. 


She is most intimidated by foreign dance styles because they can mean something very specific in that culture. She would be nervous to get it wrong and offend someone. 

Family of Hailee Payne

Her family grew in 2015 when her mother married her step-father Layne. She has a bother and three step siblings. She started dating Trevor Kennedy in 2012. 

Close associates of Hailee Payne

She was on the same season as fellow Utah dancer Alexia Meyer and says her favorite So You Think You Can Dance All Star is Allison Holker, because she is also from Utah. 

Gisela Dulko

About Gisela Dulko

Former Argentinian tennis champ who, during her career, was ranked the world s top player in doubles.

Early life

Her family moved to Florida when she was 12 to start her pro tennis career.


Although she was mostly known for her doubles game, she did defeat some big names in singles matches.

Family of Gisela Dulko

She married Argentinian footballer Fernando Gago.

Close associates of Gisela Dulko

Gabriela Sabatini, another former tennis star, was also born in her hometown of Buenos Aires.

Lucía Parker

About Lucía Parker

Singer who became hugely popular among Spanish-speaking Christians with songs like “Rey Vencedor,” “Solo Dios Puede Salvar” and “Es La Sangre De Jesús.” She is a multiple-time Dove Award and Latin Grammy Award nominee. 

Early life

She was raised in San Salvador, El Salvador and moved to the United States in 2009. 


She made her English-language debut with the album Revive (2017). 

Family of Lucía Parker

She married Jake Salomon. 

Close associates of Lucía Parker

She is featured on the Redimi2 songs “Saldrás de Esta” and “Estoy Aquí.” 

Keely Wilson

About Keely Wilson

Child actress and model who landed a supporting role in the 2016 film Vanished: Left Behind – Next Generation. She has been a guest star on the ABC shows The Middle and Grey s Anatomy.

Early life

She began training as an actress as early as 2013 and would book a number of short films and commercials.


She has done print modeling work for Toys R Us, Walmart, American Girl and other companies.

Family of Keely Wilson

She has traveled between Florida and Los Angeles, California for her acting. She has an older brother.

Close associates of Keely Wilson

She was featured in the music video for Johnny Orlando and Hayden Summerall s song “Kill Em With Kindness.”

Lacey Dunn

About Lacey Dunn

Fitness instructor who is famous for her UpliftFit Nutrition brand of products, dieting regimens, and fitness routines. She finished as the first runner-up for the 2015 BodySpace Spokesmodel Contest, and has been a regular contributor to their website. 

Early life

She was a cheerleader at the University of Central Florida through her sophomore year. She then transferred to the University of Georgia, where she would earn her B.S. in dietetics. 


She has earned massive on her FaithAndFit Instagram account with more than 310,000 followers. She was profiled by Paste Magazine in April 2017. 

Family of Lacey Dunn

She was originally born and raised in the United States. 

Close associates of Lacey Dunn

She and Caryn Nicole are both famous fitness instructors also known for competing in NPC bikini competitions.