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Katrina Vanden Heuvel

About Katrina Vanden Heuvel

Publisher and editor known for her association with The Nation magazine. She also appeared as a liberal political commentator on such major networks as ABC, CNN, and MSNBC.

Early life

While studying at Princeton, she edited the university s Nassau Weekly publication.


A political activist as well as a publisher and commentator, she fought discrimination against Arab Americans and abortion bans in Russia.

Family of Katrina Vanden Heuvel

She raised one daughter with her husband Stephen F. Cohen.

Close associates of Katrina Vanden Heuvel

Her father was a member of John F. Kennedy s administration.

Javier Olivares

About Javier Olivares

Newscaster and radio host best known as one of the anchors of Univision s popular Digital Edition. He left the program in 2018 after producers did not renew his contract. 

Early life

He s been interested in journalism since he was a child and produced his first local television program at the age of 12. He moved to the US as an adult. 


Digital Edition was conceived in 2016 as a show Univision advertised would be the first of its kind to be simulcast on both digital/social platform as well as broadcast. 

Family of Javier Olivares

He was born and raised in Chile. 

Close associates of Javier Olivares

His co-host on Digital Edition was Carolina Sarrassa.

Carol Costello

About Carol Costello

Broadcast journalist and anchor of the morning edition of CNN Newsroom. She also anchored CNN Headline News and Good Morning Washington and received an Emmy Award for her reporting work with a Columbus, Ohio CBS affiliate station. 

Early life

She studied journalism at Kent State University and subsequently began her career with an Akron, Ohio television station.


She was featured on a segment of Jon Stewart s The Daily Show in 2009.

Family of Carol Costello

She attended Minerva High School in Ohio.

Close associates of Carol Costello

She once interviewed Bill Clinton.

Carmen Borrego

About Carmen Borrego

Spanish journalist who has gained fame working in both radio and on the highly popular channel Canal +. She has also worked as the deputy of Día a Día and Cada Día.  

Early life

She began posting to Instagram in January 2017. 


She is also well known for her role in the family reality television show Las Campos. 

Family of Carmen Borrego

She married Jose Carlos Bernal in 2014. She has two children named Carmen Rosa and José María from her relationship with Francisco Almoguera. 

Close associates of Carmen Borrego

She posted a quote from Meryl Streep to her Instagram in April 2017.

Zeke Miller

About Zeke Miller

American journalist who is best recognized for his coverage of the White House as a reporter for the Associated Press. He is also known for having worked as a reporter for Time Magazine in 2013 and became the political reporter and White House correspondent in 2016. 

Early life

He graduated from Yale University where he earned his Bachelor s degree in Political Science in 2011. He started his career as a journalist with Yale Daily News. He then took on an internship at The Hartford Courant and later on Newsday. He joined Business Insider in 2011 as a reporter but quickly became the political reporter fort BuzzFeed news shortly after. 


He was featured in the New York Times spotlight article “Millennial Reporters Grab the Campaign-Trail Spotlight” in March of 2016. 

Family of Zeke Miller

He was born and raised in New York. 

Close associates of Zeke Miller

He worked alongside fellow journalist and political reporter Jonathan Karl as part of the White house Correspondents Association. 

Karisa Maxwell

About Karisa Maxwell

Sports journalist known for her work as a social editor and staff writer for VICE Sports. She s also worked for the Miami Dolphins and the World Series of Fighting.

Early life

She attended Penn State University, where she graduated with degrees both communications and political science.


While at Penn State, she worked for the Nittany Lion s Den, the Penn State Golf Course, and the Penn State Movin On Spring Music Festival.

Family of Karisa Maxwell

She grew up in New York.

Close associates of Karisa Maxwell

While working for Maxwell Media Consulting, one of her clients was fighter Josh Burkman.