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Jiri Vesely

About Jiri Vesely

Czech tennis player who won the boys doubles title at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games. The next year, he became the top-ranked junior player in the world, winning both the singles and doubles titles at the Australian Open.

Early life

He was born in Pribram, Czech Republic and turned professional in 2009.


At 20 years and 3 months old, he was the youngest player ranked in the world top 100 in 2013.

Family of Jiri Vesely

His father is a tennis coach. He has sisters named Aneta and Natalie.

Close associates of Jiri Vesely

He defeated Gael Monfils at Wimbledon in 2014.

Marissa Ren

About Marissa Ren

TikTok star and model who became recognized for sharing viral dance videos, comedy skits, and a range clips of her trying different food. She later began focusing on fashion content which she shares with her over 2 million fans. She is also known for having earned representation from Select Models in Atlanta. 

Early life

She first started sharing photos from her life through Instagram in June of 2016. It wasn t until she joined TikTok in September of 2019 that she started going viral. 


She is also known for having attended Emory University where she was a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority. 

Family of Marissa Ren

She shared a TikTok featuring photos of her mother through her account in October of 2019. 

Close associates of Marissa Ren

Other models and influencers also known for being members of the Pu Beta Phi sorority include Erin Thumann and Reagan West. 

Kaia Barr

About Kaia Barr

Funimate star whose verified account has earned her more than 50,000 dedicated fans. She has been featured over three dozen times on the app for her lip syncs and creative video edits.

Early life

She received her first featured Funimate video after only two months of using the app. Two months later she d been verified.


One of her popular featured Funimate videos is captioned “Emoji Me or Real Me.” It earned over 20,000 views after it was posted.

Family of Kaia Barr

She has two sisters.

Close associates of Kaia Barr

Since beginning her Funimate career, she has become friends with Alia Stavola, Harry Montalvo, and TashiYoko, amongst others.

Kelley Mack

About Kelley Mack

American actress who is known for her roles both in feature films and in television series . She is best recognized for having starred as the recurring role of Addy on the 2018 season of The Walking Dead. She is also known for her feature film appearances including as Becca in Long Distance Trip and in the 2018 film Profile. 

Early life

Her first experience as an actress was when she started appearing in commercials at a young age. Her acting debut came in 2008 when she landed the role of Chloe in the short film The Elephant Garden. 


She is also known for her work as a producer and has produced several short films including A Knock at the Door which won the Jury Choice Award at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival. 

Family of Kelley Mack

She has a brother named Parker Mack who is also an actor. 

Close associates of Kelley Mack

She starred alongside Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln on the 2018 season of the series The Walking Dead. 

Florence Simpson

About Florence Simpson

Popular social media star who is best known for her florence.simpsonn TikTok account where she has documented her weight loss journey. Her body-positive videos have earned over 600,000 followers on the platform. 

Early life

She posted her first TikTok video in May 2020 and it has received over 1 million views. 


She has gained over 50,000 followers on her florence.simpsonn Instagram account. 

Family of Florence Simpson

Her parents and siblings have appeared on her florence.simpsonn Instagram account. 

Close associates of Florence Simpson

She and TikTok star Erica Kuiper both post food-related content on their accounts. 

Iris Freitas Araújo

About Iris Freitas Araújo

Hairstylist who has found fame on Instagram as the creator of the account braids_in_action, where her talent for creating intricate braided hairstyles has earned her 310,000 followers. She also uses her account as a way to promote hair care brands like SugarBearHair. 

Early life

She lived in Brazil before moving to Hawaii. 


She is a big advocate of using coconut oil as a means of hair care. 

Family of Iris Freitas Araújo

She has a daughter named Amaya. 

Close associates of Iris Freitas Araújo

She and Ashaia Chanel are both known for their love of braids.