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Mahalia Barnes

About Mahalia Barnes

Singer-songwriter who has seen success as a backup singer and session participant.

Early life

She rose to prominence in the children s group The Tin Lids with her siblings Eliza-Jane, Elly-May, and Jackie.


She competed on the first season of Australia s The Voice, where the judges did not initially realize her musical family background.

Family of Mahalia Barnes

Her father Jimmy Barnes had more than two dozen albums in the Australian Top 40, both solo and with Cold Chisel.

Close associates of Mahalia Barnes

On The Voice she joined Joel Madden s team and progressed as far as the battle ring, where she was eliminated.

Krystal Forscutt

About Krystal Forscutt

Australian swimsuit model who gained reality fame on the TV show, Big Brother, as well as the film It Takes Two.

Early life

She was selected to the 6th season of Australian Big Brother in 2006.


She has appeared in FHM magazine and Zoo Weekly.

Family of Krystal Forscutt

She was once romantically linked to reality star Gaelan Walker.

Close associates of Krystal Forscutt

She was featured on the EA game Need for Speed: ProStreet, which was also true for Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synyster Gates.

Marieke Elsinga

About Marieke Elsinga

Dutch television and radio host who is best recognized for her work hosting several programs on the RTL network including Late Night and Boulevard. She is also known for her work on reality television and has participated as a contestant on several series including the 18th season of Expedition Robinson. 

Early life

She studied Communication Management at Hogeschool Utrecht in 2008. She then started her career with CityFilm which allowed her to travel to Dubai, Berlin, and Abu Dhabi. Her venture into radio began in November of 2011 and her television career started in 2015 as a presenter on the NH program. 


She was nominated for a Marconi Award for Up and Coming Talent in 2014 as well as the Philip Bloemendal Prize. 

Family of Marieke Elsinga

She was born and raised in Gouda, Netherlands and shared a photo with her father to Instagram in June of 2019. 

Close associates of Marieke Elsinga

She hosted the Mattie & Marieke program on the Qmusic station alongside fellow radio and television host Mattie Valk. 

Silvana Rebollo

About Silvana Rebollo

Social media personality, known primarily for her lip-synching and dancing TikTok videos on her silvanarebollo_ account. She has accumulated over 1.1 million on her TikTok account. 

Early life

She first began posting content on her TikTok account in March 2018. 


Her silvanarebollo_ TikTok account has received over 27 million likes, including a March 3, 2021 TikTok video that received over 82,700 likes. 

Family of Silvana Rebollo

She lives in Madrid, Spain along with her mom, her younger sister Valerie, and her pet dog. 

Close associates of Silvana Rebollo

On March 31, she posted a dancing TikTok video with Daniela Morales. 

Mel Ambaye

About Mel Ambaye

One of three personalities behind the TikTok account mšh which is also known by the name of MelSierraHailey. They post prank and positivity videos.

Early life

She enjoyed playing tennis and running track. 


She and her TikTok partners started the prank hug challenge and the the beautiful challenge.

Family of Mel Ambaye

She is an only child.

Close associates of Mel Ambaye

Her partners on TikTok are Sierra Choate and Hailey Neal.

Layne LaTorre

About Layne LaTorre

Short form video creator who has gained fame for her shlong.dong TikTok channel. She has garnered more than 21 million likes for her personal vlogging and montages while sharing her journey coping with chronic illness.

Early life

She launched her TikTok channel in October 2019.


She has more than 370,000 TikTok followers. She has acted in the film The Secret in Her Smile.

Family of Layne LaTorre

She was born and raised in the US.

Close associates of Layne LaTorre

She has danced to Freddie Dredd s popular song “Opaul” on TikTok.