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Marjorie Rambeau

About Marjorie Rambeau

One of the greatest–and youngest–character actresses of the era who appeared both on Hollywood and on the Broadway stage.

Early life

Working the stage since the age of 12, she quickly became Broadway s leading woman.


In Hollywood she played hard and hard-luck characters in films like Min and Bill and Tugboat Annie Sails Again, adopting an Irish brogue for the latter.

Family of Marjorie Rambeau

She was born in San Francisco, California.

Close associates of Marjorie Rambeau

In the original Tugboat Annie film, she played Marie Dressier. The role was played by Rambeau in the sequel.

Nick Carsberg

About Nick Carsberg

Champion of the 2017 season of BBC s reality competition series Let It Shine who performed as one of five members of a boyband called Five to Five.

Early life

He began performing at the Scene II Theatre School at the age of 8.


He and the Five to Five guys were cast to play a fictional band in Gary Barlow s Take That-inspired musical called The Band.

Family of Nick Carsberg

He is from Great Dumow, Essex, England.

Close associates of Nick Carsberg

One of the producers for his band Five to Five was Robbie Williams.

Clara Tamara V.

About Clara Tamara V.

Well-known Colombian journalist and presenter who left her hosting position at ESPN Argentina to join DirecTV Sports. She s a popular figure on Instagram where she shares travel and lifestyle photos with over 50,000 followers.

Early life

She s said she devoted 5 hours per day to social media networks.


She reported from the 2018 Liga Pony Futbol finals.

Family of Clara Tamara V.

She wrote in an article that her dad is the person she most admires.

Close associates of Clara Tamara V.

She posted an Instagram picture with soccer player Juan Mata in June 2018.


About J-Hoon

Leader, lead dancer and lead vocalist of the award-winning K-pop group B.I.G. The group was formed by GH Entertainment.

Early life

He was a very good inline skater in his youth. He worked at a street dance academy and taught kids the popping genre.


He began using his stage name of J-Hoon back when he was active in the street dance scene. He also earned the nickname of Duck.

Family of J-Hoon

His birth name is Im Jung-hoon.

Close associates of J-Hoon

He and fellow B.I.G member Heedo acted together in a web drama called Idol Protect the World.

Graziano Pelle

About Graziano Pelle

Center forward who made his senior career debut in 2004 for Lecce. He began playing for Shandong Luneng in 2016. 

Early life

He played his youth career from 2001-2004 at Lecce, and was a member of Italy s U20 and U21 teams.


On December 28, 2008, as a member of AV, he scored the only goal in a 1-0 victory over NEC Nijmegan.

Family of Graziano Pelle

He began dating Viktoria Varga in 2015. 

Close associates of Graziano Pelle

While at Feyenoord he scored 27 goals in the 2013 campaign, which at the time made him the highest scoring Italian ever in a non-Italian league, surpassing legend Luca Toni.

Irina Bespalova

About Irina Bespalova

Russian Instagram star who posts family and travel photos to her ibespalova account. She has accrued over 1.1 million followers on her Instagram. 

Early life

She first posted to her Instagram account in January 2014.


She travelled to Dakar in Senegal in November 2017. 

Family of Irina Bespalova

She posted a photo of her son and daughter to her Instagram account in April 2018. 

Close associates of Irina Bespalova

She and Alina Boz are both popular Russian Instagram stars.