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Marie Meyer

About Marie Meyer

French-born model known for her association with such fashion labels as Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent, and Giorgio Armani. Also a film actress, she appeared between 2004 and 2007 in Oliver Stone s Alexander and in Julian Schnabel s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Early life

She began her modeling career in her late teens and was first photographed for Spoon Magazine.


She graced the covers of both Elle and Marie-Claire.

Family of Marie Meyer

She was born in France s eastern Alsace region, in the commune town of Mulhouse.

Close associates of Marie Meyer

She appeared with singer Lenny Kravitz in a 2005 Uomo Vogue photo shoot.

Paulie Brokaw

About Paulie Brokaw

TikTok content creator and social media personality known for using the platform s text-on-screen effect to convey messages to his fans. He has more than 300,000 followers on his paulie.brokaw account.

Early life

He played football throughout his youth, including for his high school team.


His TikToks have more than 13 million total likes. One of his most popular videos is about getting girls becuase of his side profile, and has received over 4.8 million views. 

Family of Paulie Brokaw

He was born in the United States and has been based in New Jersey. He has a brother named Nick.

Close associates of Paulie Brokaw

He created a TikTok using lyrics from a Lil Baby song to start a conversation. 

Karol Kuter

About Karol Kuter

Polish gamer who is widely known for his Dealereq YouTube channel s content. He has gained there for his Minecraft playthroughs and tutorials.

Early life

He began his YouTube channel on October 24, 2012.


He has amassed more than 1.2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. One of his most popular videos there, “13 CRAFTINGÓW, KTÓRYCH NIE ZNAŁEŚ – MineCraft 1.9.4,” has earned more than 950,000 views.

Family of Karol Kuter

He was born and raised in Poland.

Close associates of Karol Kuter

He and fellow Polish gamer Keralis are both known for their Minecraft playthroughs, montages, and tutorials posted to YouTube.

Laurel Ann Witt

About Laurel Ann Witt

Model who is famous for her work done with rustic and country settings. She has earned massive on Instagram for showcasing her professional modeling work with more than 40,000 followers there. 

Early life

She began modeling in 2014 after a friend asked her to participate in a photoshoot of his. 


She has been profiled in SKYN Magazine. She was also a contestant in the 2017 Maxim s Finest competition in the west group. 

Family of Laurel Ann Witt

She was originally born and raised in the Seattle, Washington area. 

Close associates of Laurel Ann Witt

She and Amberleigh West have been photographed on her Instagram account alongside one another. 

Hayley Reno

About Hayley Reno

Point-of-view comedy and lip sync content creator who rose to fame through the use of her cherryemojigirl TikTok account. She was known for her cherry red hair and went on to amass more than 1.2 million followers.

Early life

She attended Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts.


She worked at a Jimmy John s sandwich shop.

Family of Hayley Reno

She was born in the United States.

Close associates of Hayley Reno

She created a TikTok that was inspired by fellow creator Keondrak. 

Jaime Barroso Silva

About Jaime Barroso Silva

Instagram star who is known for being the younger brother of model Pepe Barroso Silva. He has 20,000 followers on Instagram. 

Early life

His first Instagram post was on June 23, 2015, and was a photo with him and a group of friends. The caption read “Kringleson Baptistão.” 


He is incredibly close with his family, and frequently posts photos of them to his Instagram. 

Family of Jaime Barroso Silva

His parents are Jose Barroso and Monica Silva. He has two brothers, Pepe and Felipe. He began dating Alicia Boza in October 2017. 

Close associates of Jaime Barroso Silva

Ivan Martinez is another prominent Instagram star with a well-known brother.