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Tom Zanetti

About Tom Zanetti

Club promoter and DJ who started up a nightclub called Insomnia before working with Club Mission in Leeds, winner of the Leeds Best Night Club award. He also runs the events company called Sleepin is Cheatin.

Early life

He attended Royds School but was expelled. He then went to Tinshall Learning Centre until he was 16 years old. He found out he would be a father during that age, so he dropped out and got a job at a warehouse.


He invested in a tapas restaurant called La Fuego. 

Family of Tom Zanetti

He was born in Leeds, England and has a son named Deaconn. He has lived in Gipton, Belle Isle and Rothwell in addition to Leeds. He dated Love Island star Hayley Hughes.

Close associates of Tom Zanetti

His song “You Want Me” features singer Sadie Ama.

Nadine Plaza

About Nadine Plaza

Crowned TikTok creator and representative for TikTok in the Philippines. This popular content creator has earned more than 270,000 followers by posting dances, comedy, beat-boxing, and lip syncing videos to her DerpinaTheGreat account. 

Early life

During school, she was active in ROTC. At sixteen, she became a full-time college student and, because she had trouble making friends, she used TikTok as her social outlet.


In addition to her love for TikTok, she is also a passionate photographer.

Family of Nadine Plaza

She enticed her younger brother Bryan to join TikTok. Her mother is also a frequent guest in her videos.

Close associates of Nadine Plaza

She and Evan Hufferd have collaborated on TikTok. 

Misha Lansberry

About Misha Lansberry

Popular TikTok content creator who collaborates alongside her twin sister Amber Lansberry on all social media networks. Together, they are primarily known as amberandmishaa
on TikTok, where they have 900,000 fans.  

Early life

She was previously a cheerleader. 


She and her sister began a YouTube channel together called Amber and Misha in May of 2016. 

Family of Misha Lansberry

She and her twin sister Amber are from England. She has two other siblings. 

Close associates of Misha Lansberry

On her personal Twitter account, mishasinging, she pinned a tweet claiming that Nate Garner had liked a tweet that she wrote. 

Marina Paciornik

About Marina Paciornik

Lip sync performer and social media influencer who is best known for sharing short form videos on her marinapaciornik TikTok account. She has garnered more than 250,000 followers on the platform.

Early life

In 2017, she shared Instagram photos from a trip to New York City.


As an influencer she has been professionally represented by the Brazilian talent agency Way Model Management.

Family of Marina Paciornik

She posted an Instagram photo with her father in August of 2019.

Close associates of Marina Paciornik

She has performed a lip sync set to Travis Scott s hit single “Goosebumps.” 

Marina Preciado

About Marina Preciado

Social media influencer and activist who found fame thanks to her Oxminaox YouTube channel. She became known for sharing lifestyle videos and true crime stories with more than 50,000 subscribers.

Early life

In November 2016, she uploaded her premiere YouTube clip titled ROAD TRIP TO MÉXICO! | MINI VLOG.


Her first recording to top 100,000 views was 2019 s OUR WEDDING VIDEO | HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS *EMOTIONAL*.

Family of Marina Preciado

She and her husband Fran have a son named Adrian.

Close associates of Marina Preciado

Joshua Miles and Victoria Charlton are two other YouTube personalities who focus on true crime content.

Lena Fujii

About Lena Fujii

Fashion model who made a name for herself as a regular model for the Japanese magazine ViVi. She is also a musician who has found success with albums like Lena (2008) and Rainbow (2009). 

Early life

She studied English in Switzerland as a high school student. 


She founded her own jewelry line called Lounsbery. 

Family of Lena Fujii

She has a younger brother named Arthur. 

Close associates of Lena Fujii

She has covered the Rihanna song “Pon de Replay.”