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Manjeeven Grewal

About Manjeeven Grewal

British actress who played the role of Ellen in the Nickelodeon produced film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. She also portrayed Milli Patel in My Life as a Popat.

Early life

She took acting classes at the Derby Youth Centre and attended Derby High School.


She has performed various roles in a television series entitled School of Comedy, in which children pretend to be adults.

Family of Manjeeven Grewal

She hails from Derby in England.

Close associates of Manjeeven Grewal

She starred alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

Marley King

About Marley King

TikTok personality and content creator who rose to fame through her account. She was known for cosplaying as pop culture figures and Disney characters such as Elsa from Frozen.

Early life

She cosplayed as a character from the anime series Free! early in her career.


She graduated from Teton High School in 2017.

Family of Marley King

She was born in the United States.

Close associates of Marley King

She created a duet video featuring Christopher Romero. 

Leslie Guzman

About Leslie Guzman

Social media star who has gained fame for his self-titled TikTok channel. Her lip syncs, beauty vlogs, and comedic memes have helped her surpass 5 million total likes.

Early life

She began posting to TikTok regularly in September 2016. 


She has amassed more than 110,000 TikTok followers. 

Family of Leslie Guzman

She was born in New York. 

Close associates of Leslie Guzman

She and Babynatttt are both famous lip syncers on TikTok.

Irina Rodina

About Irina Rodina

Heavyweight judoka star who won a gold medal at the 1999 European Championships.

Early life

She was a star teenager, before breaking onto the scene in 1993 at the European Championships.


She had a brief MMA career, going 3-1 from 1996-2000.

Family of Irina Rodina

She was born and raised in Russia.

Close associates of Irina Rodina

She was part of a Russian contingency at the 2000 Summer Olympics that included basketball player Andrei Kirilenko.

Hayley Norton

About Hayley Norton

Singer who won legions of new fans as a contestant on the fourteenth season of The X Factor (UK) in 2017. She performed songs like Macklemore s “Can t Hold Us” and The Beatles “Come Together” during her time on the show.

Early life

She lived in Canada before moving to Belfast, Ireland in 2004.


She originally auditioned for the show as a member of the duo Descendance before being encouraged by the judges to compete solo. 

Family of Hayley Norton

Her mother Debye is the other member of Descendance. 

Close associates of Hayley Norton

She competed against Rai-Elle Williams on The X Factor UK.

Keri Altobelli

About Keri Altobelli

Best recognized for her years of association with the Orange Coast College s baseball team. She passed away in the 2020 helicopter crash that also took the lives of Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant. 

Early life

She first gained attention by appearing at several of the Orange Coast College games alongside her son and her husband. 


The OCC baseball team played their opening game in 2020 in her honor. 

Family of Keri Altobelli

She was married to Orange Coast baseball coach John Altobelli and together they had two daughters and a son.  

Close associates of Keri Altobelli

She was also known for her close relationship with Vanessa Bryant.