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Pedro Passos Coelho

About Pedro Passos Coelho

Affiliated with the Social Democratic Party, this political leader took office in 2011 as Prime Minister of Portugal. Previously, he had served as a Member of Parliament for the Vila Real and Lisbon constituencies.

Early life

He grew up primarily in Angola, where his father worked as a physician. He went on to briefly study mathematics at the University of Lisbon; he ultimately earned a degree in economics from Lusiada University.


As a teenager, he was heavily involved in the Social Democratic Party s youth organization, the Juventude Social Democrata (JSD).

Family of Pedro Passos Coelho

His first marriage, to pop singer Fatima Padinha, resulted in daughters named Joana and Catarina. He later married medical technician Laura Ferreira, with whom he had a third daughter named Julia.

Close associates of Pedro Passos Coelho

He and Socialist politician Antonio Guterres both held office as Prime Minister of Portugal; Guterres ended his term in 2002.

Jenny Barazza

About Jenny Barazza

Italian international middle blocker who was a member of her country s 2007 and 2009 European Championship-winning teams and played at the 2008 Olympic Games. She appeared in 130 games during her international career.

Early life

She started playing with Codognè s volleyball team in 1996 and eventually debuted with Italy s national team in 1999.


She was named Best Blocker at the 2007 European Championship and has played professionally for Foppapedretti Bergamo, Asystel Novara, and Imoco Volley Conegliano.

Family of Jenny Barazza

She married Antonio Castelli in 2014.

Close associates of Jenny Barazza

She was Olympic teammates with Eleonora Lo Bianco in 2008.


About soullig

TikTok star best known for her original R&B music. Her soullig account has more than 550,000 followers and 13 million likes.

Early life

She joined TikTok in June 2019. 


One of her most popular songs is called “Soul Signs,” and is featured in a number of her videos.  

Family of soullig

She lives in the United States. 

Close associates of soullig

In June 2021, she posted a TikTok featuring a sound from YouTuber Jacksepticeye.

Sydney Worgan

About Sydney Worgan

TikTok personality and creator who rose to fame by publishing comedy, challenge, and prank videos on her itssydneyworgan account. She has amassed more than 750,000 fans on the platform.

Early life

She trained to become a hairdresser prior to joining TikTok.


She played a blue mouth prank in a video that was viewed more than 190,000 times. 

Family of Sydney Worgan

She was born in Gloucestershire, England. 

Close associates of Sydney Worgan

She performed a lip sync set to Ashnikko s “Stupid.” 

Linda Calise

About Linda Calise

Crowned TikTok creator who has been featured more than a dozen times on the popular lip syncing app. She has earned over 220,000 fans on her lindahere account.

Early life

She first began using Instagram in December of 2014. A year later, she began to gain ground on TikTok, which was known as at the time.


Outside of TikTok, she is also active on Instagram and Snapchat.

Family of Linda Calise

The New Jersey native was raised by her mother alongside her older brother.

Close associates of Linda Calise

She is a TikTok star from New Jersey, much like Ryan Smith.

Sophia Talamas

About Sophia Talamas

Short form content creator who rose to fame by sharing subaquatic performance videos on her verified sophiat24 TikTok account. She is also known for dancing in public in her videos. She was one of the most viewed TikTok creators under the #foryou hashtag and she has amassed more than 12 million followers. 

Early life

She studied at both the Encore Music Academy and the Miami Conservatory of Music.


She cosplayed as a witch while visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Family of Sophia Talamas

Her mother and her dog Merlin have appeared in her social posts. She has a cat named Athena. 

Close associates of Sophia Talamas

She created a TikTok set to Marshmello s “Alone.”