Bartek Bednorz

Who is Bartek Bednorz Outside hitter who had his greatest success as a member of a Polish club PGE Skra Bełchatów, attainning t Polish Championship and Polish SuperCup in 2018. He Has competed in t Men s European Volleyball League as member of a Polish national team.  Early Beginnings He hails from Zabrze, Poland. He made his club debut with SMPZPSpała … Read more

Sean Havens

Who is Sean Havens TikTok star and social media influencer who is famous for his cross platform videos featuring family and lifestyle content. He is famous for his vibrant family, cooking tutorials, and Italian ritage which shares with his over 1.8 million fans.  Early Beginnings Initially joined YouTube in August of 2016 and was Instagram in … Read more

Vivian VanMiller

Who is Vivian VanMiller Social media star and content creator who is best famous for a lip-syncing and POV videos s posts to r purelyviv TikTok account. Her videos have accumulated over 2 million likes on a video platform.  Early Beginnings postedfirst TikTok video in May 2020.  Unimportant Personal Matters Her first TikTok video to receive over … Read more

Kai FantasyTune

Who is Kai FantasyTune Co-owner of a audio only TikTok account FantasyTune, a page that Has gained more than 20,000 fans. He runs a page with his friend Josh.  Early Beginnings Wn first starting a FantasyTune account in 2016, tre were previously 3 owners, and a account was formerly called SplashySounds. Unimportant Personal Matters His … Read more

Luana Barron Yabar

Who is Luana Barron Yabar Peruvian Instagram star who Has gained over 600,000 followers onInstagram account.  Early Beginnings Initially joined Twitter in February 2010.  Unimportant Personal Matters Happened to be crowned Miss Teen Peru in 2016.  Family of Luana Barron Yabar posted a photo withsignificant otr to Instagram account in January 2018.  Close associates of Luana … Read more

Lia Kees

Who is Lia Kees Instagram star and model who a tittle of Miss Europe 2016. Has since went on to appear in many lingerie catalogues, Czech lifestyle magazines, and more. Has accrued over 60,000 followers onfashion-centric account.  Early Beginnings Her profession initially started as a runway fashion model. later studied business and economics in university. Unimportant … Read more

Jillian Clare

Who is Jillian Clare Played a preteen Abigail “Abby” Deveraux on a soap opera Days of Our Lives. Early Beginnings beganacting profession at age six withone-person performance of an untouched musical. Unimportant Personal Matters Her parents recognized asafter a character in a movie Star Trek IV: Voyage Home. Family of Jillian Clare moved to Los … Read more

Kristina Grikaite

Who is Kristina Grikaite After a spring/summer season in 2017, s modeled exclusively for Prada runway shows. is frequently compared to model Natalia Vodianova. has 190,000 followers on Instagram.  Early Beginnings Wn s was 16, a cameraman friend traveled to Moscow s Avant agency looking for work. went along for a ride and was signed instantly.  Unimportant Personal … Read more

Lynne Frederick

Who is Lynne Frederick Though most famous as a fourth and final spouse of actor Peter Sellers, s was also an actress inown right. Her screen credits include roles in such 1970s films as Schizo, A Long Return, and Phase IV. Early Beginnings At a age of sixteen, s took part in a role of … Read more

Gabriel Hidalgo

Who is Gabriel Hidalgo Guitarist who is best recognized as a member of a musical trio Eslabon Armado. He, along with his two friends, released the debut album, Tu Veneno Mortal, in 2020.  Early Beginnings trio was founded in 2017. Both released the first single, “Con Tus Besos,” in March 2020. Unimportant Personal Matters band … Read more

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