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Mary Canterbury

About Mary Canterbury

Popular social media star who is best known for her marycanterbury TikTok account where she posts dance and singing videos. She has accumulated over 410,000 followers on the platform. 

Early life

She posted her first TikTok video in October 2019. 


Her first video to reach over 1 million views is a dance video set to the Don Toliver song “No Idea”. 

Family of Mary Canterbury

She was born and raised in West Virginia. 

Close associates of Mary Canterbury

She posted a duet with TikTok star Anna Shumate in May 2020. 

Marjorie Fiedler

About Marjorie Fiedler

Television and radio presenter best known for hosting red carpet events and interviewing countless celebrities. She has previously worked as the head of content for WazobiaTV and the publicist for music stars Dee Moneey and Ezi Emela.

Early life

Her presenting career began while she was living in Paris co-hosting the radio show Bring the Noise with DJ Noise.


A polyglot, she is fluent in French, German, and English and has working knowledge of Dutch, Italian, Japanese, and a number of African dialects.

Family of Marjorie Fiedler

Born in Ghana, she was raised in Germany.

Close associates of Marjorie Fiedler

Her YouTube channel The World of Minnie Maj features several song covers of popular artists like Beyonce, Tinie Tempah, and Wiz Khalifa.

Marjorie Lacombe

About Marjorie Lacombe

Photographer known for focusing on pastel landscapes and other urban scenic shots. She also works in art direction, set design, and brand strategy. She shares her creatively captured photographs through Instagram for her over 90,000 followers. 

Early life

She graduated from Harvard University in 2013 where she studied photography and earned the Harvard Green Carpet Award. She began sharing her aesthetic photos to Instagram in April of 2014. 


She has worked with and created content for a variety of companies including Samsung, Baskin-Robins, Sephora, and Dior. 

Family of Marjorie Lacombe

She was born and raised in California. After traveling to over twenty different countries, she returned to San Francisco, California. She married her husband in March of 2015. 

Close associates of Marjorie Lacombe

Alex Webb is a fellow photographer who studied at Harvard University and was also known for working out of San Francisco. 

Travis Alexander

About Travis Alexander

Murdered by his ex-girlfriend. He was a former pyramid marketing salesmen and motivational speaker.

Early life

He was a salesperson for Prepaid Legal Services, the multi-level marketing company.


His grandparents home was robbed shortly before his murder. Among the missing belongings was a .25-caliber gun. Investigators discovered a spent .25-caliber round near his body.

Family of Travis Alexander

He was introduced to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by his grandmother after she took him and his seven siblings in after their father died in 1997.

Close associates of Travis Alexander

His ex-girlfriend and convicted murderer Jodi Arias received the death penalty in 2013.

Elizabeth Berkley

About Elizabeth Berkley

Played Jesse Spano on the family-friendly television show Saved by the Bell in the 90s and also had a starring role in the film Showgirls.

Early life

She was very passionate about dancing and pursued it professionally, appearing in various ballets and musicals.


She is a strict vegetarian and once appeared in a Lettuce Be Lean dress of collard greens for a PETA campaign.

Family of Elizabeth Berkley

She married Greg Lauren in 2003 and the couple welcomed a son, Sky Cole, in 2012.

Close associates of Elizabeth Berkley

She became good friends with fashion designer Lauren Bush, granddaughter of former President George H.W. Bush.