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Nicholas La

About Nicholas La

Professional photographer known for his stunning atmospheric landscapes and cityscapes. He has worked with countless brands such as North Face, Disney, Apple, and Jaguar.

Early life

After his grandmother passed away when he was twenty, he wished he d had more photos of her. So, he picked up a camera, and within an hour of shooting he knew he d fallen in love with photography. 


His incredible outdoor photographs have earned him more than 250,000 fans on Instagram alone. 

Family of Nicholas La

He was born and raised in Oakland, California. 

Close associates of Nicholas La

He and Alif Korsem are photographers known for their beautiful landscape photos. 

Xavier Pimentel

About Xavier Pimentel

Actor, animator, television director and producer who is known for being the host of La Noche, having wrote the film Nada Personal, and for having starred in the novella Mostro of Love. He is also known for his work on the comedy series UHF. 

Early life

He first began his career in television at the age of 16. He began working on several serial novellas and in 2001 he went on to direct and produce the series Singles No Commitment. 


He is also known for his photography which he shares through Instagram for his over 130,000 followers. 

Family of Xavier Pimentel

He married Carolina Jaume in February of 2007 and together they had a daughter named Rafaela Milena Pimentel Jaume. 

Close associates of Xavier Pimentel

He starred alongside Tabata Galvez in the 2011 Teleamazonas comedy program UHF. 

Lena Fayre

About Lena Fayre

Independent singer known for her single “Belong To You” and award-winning album “Oko.” Her music has appeared on the show The Vampire Diaries and Rolling Stone named her one of “10 Artists to Know” in 2014.

Early life

She started writing music when she was 12. She uploaded her first song, “Framed,” to MySpace.


She loves art and frequently goes to museums, although she doesn t identify herself as a visual artist.

Family of Lena Fayre

She grew up in Los Angeles and says all of her siblings are creative.

Close associates of Lena Fayre

Her EP “Is There Only One?” was produced with the help of Noah Georgeson.

Marika Dominczyk

About Marika Dominczyk

Polish American actress who has appeared in films such as The 40 Year Old Virgin and National Lampoon s Bag Boy. She has also had roles on Brothers and Sisters and Las Vegas.

Early life

She had one of her first roles as a hostess in the television show The Street in 2000.


She is fluent in English and Polish, and her older sister is actress Dagmara Dominczyk.

Family of Marika Dominczyk

She married Scott Foley in 2007. She and Scott have three kids named Marley Addison, Keller Aleksander and Konrad.

Close associates of Marika Dominczyk

She co-stars with Matt Czuchry in the 2009 film I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.

Kathy Reichs

About Kathy Reichs

Forensic anthropologist who used her expertise to write the bestselling crime novel, Break No Bones (2006). Her numerous other novels include Death du Jour (1999) and Grave Secrets (2002).

Early life

She earned a Ph.D. in Physical Anthropology from Northwestern University. She subsequently held professorships at Northern Illinois University, the University of Pittsburgh, Concordia University, McGill University, and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


She served on the board of directors of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Family of Kathy Reichs

She married Paul Reichs in 1968. Together, the couple had a son, Brendan, and two daughters, Kerry and Courtney.

Close associates of Kathy Reichs

She became a producer for the popular television crime drama, Bones, which stars Emily Deschanel.

Kim Bum

About Kim Bum

Played the role of So Yi-Jung, one of the F4 princely boys of Shinhwa High School, in the South Korean drama Boys Over Flowers.

Early life

One of his earliest screen roles came in 2006, where he played the best friend of a leading character.


He also played a young Lee Dong Chul in East of Eden, the romance drama series on MBC, and contributed a song to the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack.

Family of Kim Bum

He was born in Seoul, South Korea. He had a brief relationship with Moon Geun-young. He began dating actress Oh Yeon-seo in 2018.

Close associates of Kim Bum

Kim Hyun-Joong appeared with him in Boys Over Flowers.