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Ronni Espinosa

About Ronni Espinosa

Comedy and lip sync star known on TikTok simply as woahitsroni. The crowned star has earned more than 170,000 followers and been featured numerous times on the app. 

Early life

Before gaining on TikTok, he first made videos for YouTube and Vine. 


His first featured video was a response to the Hotline Bling Challenge.  

Family of Ronni Espinosa

Multi-lingual, he is fluent in English, Indonesian, Tetum, and Portuguese. His sister is also a TikTok creator and they have occasionally made videos together. 

Close associates of Ronni Espinosa

He became a member of the TikTok group Muser Squad alongside Bo Fishe, Darwin Velasco, and more.  

Jenifer Rosas

About Jenifer Rosas

TikTok influencer and freestyle football artist who is best recognized for sharing her skills in videos that have earned her over 24 million total likes. She is also known for her comedy skits and dancing videos which she also posts for her over 2.2 million followers. 

Early life

She started demonstrating her soccer skills through Instagram in May of 2015. She started going viral after sharing videos through her TikTok in May of 2018. 


She is also an ambassador for several football brands including LaLiga, Innovasport, and Nike Football who she promotes on her Instagram. 

Family of Jenifer Rosas

She was born and raised in Mexico. 

Close associates of Jenifer Rosas

Other freestyle football champions who also share their skills through social media include Andrew Henderson and Lisa Zimouche. 

Liza Martynchik

About Liza Martynchik

Print and runway model who has been seen modeling for brands like Calvin Klein and Lela Rose. She has also graced the pages of magazines like Elle and Harper s Bazaar. 

Early life

One of her earliest modeling appearances was for Calvin Klein s Fall/Winter fashion show in 2016. 


Known to share both her professional photos and daily style on Instagram, she has earned more than 260,000 dedicated followers. 

Family of Liza Martynchik

On April 29, 2017, she posted a photo of her mother to Instagram. 

Close associates of Liza Martynchik

Ari Westphal joined her on the runway of the 2017 Spring/Summer show for Demoo Parkchoonmoo. 

Indira Lauren

About Indira Lauren

YouTube vlogger and prankster best known for her original appearances in the videos of her boyfriend PrankNation. She also runs her own self-titled channel where she has posted vlogs and challenge videos.

Early life

She first began posting to Instagram in August of 2013.


One of her most popular videos “KISSING CHALLENGE” earned more than 1 million views in less than three months.

Family of Indira Lauren

She featured her younger sister Milla in the video “WHO AM I??? | intro video” in September 2015.

Close associates of Indira Lauren

Both she and Kyle Summers have become well known on their YouTube channels for vlogs and challenge videos.

Indira Baboke

About Indira Baboke

French Instagram star who usually posts selfies and modeling photos to her account. She has earned over 410,000 followers on her Instagram.

Early life

She initially posted to her Instagram account in April 2017. 


She took a trip to Cameroon in February 2018, which she documented on her Instagram. 

Family of Indira Baboke

She posted a photo of her father to her Instagram account in March 2018. 

Close associates of Indira Baboke

She is a popular Instagram star who comes from France along the same lines as Camille Jansen.

Katrine Lee

About Katrine Lee

Instagram model and YouTube personality notable on the latter platform for being one-half of the couple s channel Malic & Katrine. Her collaborative channel features vlogs, pranks, challenges, experiences, Q&As and more.

Early life

She and her boyfriend debuted on YouTube in January of 2018 with a video called “WHAT S IN MY MOUTH CHALLENGE (OUR FIRST VIDEO).”


Her YouTube channel has more than 150,000 subscribers. 

Family of Katrine Lee

Her boyfriend and YouTube partner is Malic. They began dating in August 2016.

Close associates of Katrine Lee

She is part of a couple s channel like Danielle Rickards of Danny & Chaddy 4 Ever.