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Marie Brethenoux

About Marie Brethenoux

Internationally published glamour and fashion model who is recognized for having been featured on the cover of the March 2017 issue of Playboy Portugal. She has gone on to amass more than 170,000 Instagram followers.

Early life

She earned a master s degree in marketing. She appeared in the Mexican publication El Sol.


She once ranked in the top 20 of Maxim s list of hottest women. She was on the cover of Penthouse Portugal Magazine in May 2011. 

Family of Marie Brethenoux

Her father is French and her mother is Portuguese. 

Close associates of Marie Brethenoux

Both she and Dania Neto have been featured on the cover of Playboy Portugal. 

Katrina Motes

About Katrina Motes

Kiwi model professionally represented by Next Models Miami whose career primarily consisted of photo shoots. 

Early life

She was signed by Next Miami in early 2016. 


 She walked the runway for Miami Swim Week. 

Family of Katrina Motes

She is one of several siblings. 

Close associates of Katrina Motes

She is a friend of Selena Weber. 

Loryn Hansbrough

About Loryn Hansbrough

Instagram star and influencer who is best recognized for sharing lifestyle content related to her experiences raising a child. She has over 60,000 followers, and is known for her fashion, family, and beauty related posts. 

Early life

She began sharing lifestyle and modeling photos on her Instagram in February of 2012. 


She is also known for her work as an ambassador for the Beauty Counter website, where she selects her own customized skin care packages. 

Family of Loryn Hansbrough

She is the wife of basketball player Ben Hansbrough. Social media star Brooke Bush is her sister.

Close associates of Loryn Hansbrough

She was featured on Brooke Bush s YouTube channel in June of 2019. 

Irina Isasia

About Irina Isasia

Model and social media influencer who has been featured in Vogue, Mirage, Glamour magazine and has worked with brands such as Mint and Rose. 

Early life

She became a model after being discovered at the age of 17 years old by an agent. She started using Instagram in 2012. 


She studied Graphic Design, and Video and Art Direction at the School of Design in Madrid. 

Family of Irina Isasia

She publicly began dating YouTuber and gamer Rubén Gundersen in 2016. 

Close associates of Irina Isasia

She posted a photo with the Instagram star Mónica Anoz in May 2016. 

Kaia Kanepi

About Kaia Kanepi

Estonian singles competitor reached a #15 world ranking in August 2012.

Early life

She turned professional in 2000, at age 15.


She reached her fourth Grand Slam quarter final at the 2012 French Open.

Family of Kaia Kanepi

She has two sisters, Karin and Kaia.

Close associates of Kaia Kanepi

She was defeated by Maria Sharapova in the Quarter Final round of the 2012 French Open.

Kelley Deal

About Kelley Deal

Alternative rock musician who played lead guitar for The Breeders and who pursued a successful solo career.

Early life

She and her sister were both invited to join The Pixies, but only her sister Kim joined the group.


She released two albums with her own band, The Kelley Deal 600, in the 1990s.

Family of Kelley Deal

Her sister Kim, the bassist for The Pixies, is her identical twin.

Close associates of Kelley Deal

She performed songs by Hank Williams Sr. with her sister when they were teenagers.