Irina Peicu

Who is Irina Peicu Blogger who is famous fortraveling posts featuring uniquely aesttic backdrops and color oriented photographs of a cities s visits. sharesdestinations onblog and offers downloadable pdf guides to a cities s visits that s creates rself.  Early Beginnings Initially began documentingtravel photography to a blog in November of 2011.  Unimportant Personal … Read more

Kira Roessler

Who is Kira Roessler Bassist who took part in on five albums by a seminal California punk rock band Black Flag. Folloattaing a band s breakup, s joined former husband Mike Watt in a two-bass duo known as Dos. Early Beginnings Happened to be brought up in New Haven, Connecticut and was participating with a … Read more

Johanna Spyri

Who is Johanna Spyri Nineteenth-century children s author best remembered for Heidi, a children s classic untouchedly publisd in 1881. A popular Swiss author, s publisd more than fifty works of fiction over a course of profession. Early Beginnings publisdfirst literary work, a piece dealing with domestic violence and entitled A Note on Vrony s … Read more

Ivy Supersonic

Who is Ivy Supersonic Fashion designer and television personality famous forcutting-edge fashions and unconventional means of self-promotion. Early Beginnings graduated from New York s Fashion Institute of Technology. Unimportant Personal Matters Happened to be tattooed with a cartoon version of rself by Miami Ink artist Kat Von D. Family of Ivy Supersonic Happened to be brought … Read more

Felicia Ballanger

Who is Felicia Ballanger Former French racing cyclist who won 5 World Championships in a 1990s. also won three Olympic Gold medals, two in a sprint event and one in a 500 meter time trial. Early Beginnings beganathletic profession as both a cyclist and a handball player. Unimportant Personal Matters set world records for a … Read more

Frances O’Connor

Who is Frances O Connor Australian actress who won a AACTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role forwork in a 2009 film Blessed. For participating Emily Hugs on a series Missing, s received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film. Early Beginnings moved from England to Australia … Read more

Geri Allen

Who is Geri Allen Jazz artist, pianist, and educator who released a album “A Child is Born” in 2011. contributed to a soundtrack for Beah: A Black Woman Speaks, which won a Peabody Award.   Early Beginnings attended Howard University and a University of Pittsburgh. would later serve as an Associate Professor of Music and … Read more

Georgie FitWithGeorgie

Who is Georgie FitWithGeorgie Fitness instructor who is famous for being both an RN nurse and yoga instructor. is also famous for traveling foryoga to places such as Italy, Abu Dhabi, and Australia. sharesyoga, fitness, and traveling content forover 40,000 Instagram followers.  Early Beginnings Initially began sharingyoga focused content to Instagram in March of 2014.  Unimportant … Read more

Dana Foote

Who is Dana Foote Indie folk singer and lead vocalist of a group Sir Chloe. group released the breakout single, “Animal,” in 2019. Both released a follow-up single, “Miclle,” a same year. Early Beginnings attended Bennington College in Vermont. Unimportant Personal Matters Duringsenior year, s opted to put on a concert in lieu of writing a tsis.  … Read more

Eddy Valenzuela

Who is Eddy Valenzuela Mexican pop and rancro singer who is famous for having won a Academy Kids singing competition on TV Azteca. Moreover, famous for having released a popular songs “Corre” and “Esperare por ti y” through a Azteca Records and Sony Music labels.  Early Beginnings He started his profession as a singer in … Read more

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