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Ben Nordberg

About Ben Nordberg

Skateboarder and model for NEXT Models. He has been sponsored by Flip Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, MOB Grip, and Thunder Trucks.

Early life

He recreated his Twitter account in February 2011.


He has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Family of Ben Nordberg

He was born and raised in Bath, England but later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his skateboarding career.

Close associates of Ben Nordberg

He sat next to Nicholas Grimshaw and Jourdan Dunn at a Burberry show in London in 2015.

Samson Kayo

About Samson Kayo

English actor and writer who is best recognized for his television appearances including as the recurring characters of Horace in the series Timewasters as well as Joshua in the series Sliced. He is also known for his film roles and has appeared in the productions The Weekend Movie in 2016 and The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle in 2020. 

Early life

He started his acting career in several short films throughout 2011 and gained attention in 2013 when he landed the recurring role of Boss Fury in the series Youngers. He started his writing career in 2018 when he penned scripts for several episodes of the television series Famalam. 


He has been nominated for a BAFTA Award in 2018 for Best Male Performer in a Comedy Program for his work on the series Famalam. He was also nominated for Best Comedy Performance at the Royal Television Society UK in 2019. 

Family of Samson Kayo

He was born and raised in England and shared a photo with his mom and sister through Instagram in April of 2018. 

Close associates of Samson Kayo

He starred alongside Adelayo Adedayo and Ellie White in the 2017 comedy series Timewasters. 

Marit Brugman

About Marit Brugman

Dutch daily vlogger most well known for her channel Marit between Men.

Early life

She only began vlogging on her own in March 2016, earning hundreds of thousands of followers in a matter of a few months.


Some of her most popular vlogs on YouTube include “LOGEREN BIJ TANTE MARIT!” and “FILMZOEN!”

Family of Marit Brugman

Her fiancé is the insanely popular Dutch vlogger Dylan Haegens. 

Close associates of Marit Brugman

Working with Dylan and on her own vlogs, she has worked with a number of YouTubers including Teun Peters.

Jaime French

About Jaime French

Vlogging personality who has gained for her self-titled YouTube channel. She has garnered more than 300,000 subscribers for her comedic and beauty vlogs, including through Get Ready with Me s, and pop culture entries with her series “Makeup & Movies.”

Early life

She began her YouTube channel in October 2016.


One of her most popular YouTube videos “IF BEAUTY YOUTUBERS EXISTED IN 1999” has more than 2 million views. She has earned and more than 260,000 followers to her self-titled Instagram account, where she often shares comedic content.

Family of Jaime French

She is from the United States.

Close associates of Jaime French

She and Jordan Taylor are both famous comedic YouTubers.

Karolina Pineda

About Karolina Pineda

Colombian Instagram star who usually posts modeling and family photos to her account. 

Early life

She first posted to her Instagram account in September 2012. 


She took a holiday to São Paulo, Brazil in February 2018. 

Family of Karolina Pineda

She posted a photo with her daughter to her Instagram in August 2018. 

Close associates of Karolina Pineda

She and Laura González Ospina are both popular Instagram models who come from Colombia. 

Ivonne Besier

About Ivonne Besier

German blogger who has gained a large following thanks to her self-titled blog and Instagram. She regularly posts about topics such as travel, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and more.

Early life

She first began posting to Instagram in April 2015.


She has 250,000 total followers on Instagram.

Family of Ivonne Besier

She married her husband Flo in July 2018.

Close associates of Ivonne Besier

She is a fan of fellow blogger Sarah Ashcroft.