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Sydney Jade

About Sydney Jade

TikTok creator who has risen to fame for her sydkneejade channel. Her lip-syncs, dances, and comedic montages featuring captions often asking the question “Would You Rather?” in the description have helped her earn more than 41 million likes.

Early life

She began her TikTok channel in 


She has amassed more than 1.9 million fans on TikTok. She has also gained more than 30,000 followers to her syd.knee.jade Instagram account. 

Family of Sydney Jade

Her mom s name is Faydra.

Close associates of Sydney Jade

She and Brooke Barry are both famous creators on TikTok. 

Shara Martinez

About Shara Martinez

Crowned lip sync star known simply as sharamartinez. She has earned more than 310,000 TikTok followers by setting videos to Ed Sheeran, Lil Uzi Vert, Mariah Carey, and countless other popular artists. 

Early life

At six years old, she started doing gymnastics and would go on to be the captain of her high school cheerleading team. She worked as a weapons inspector, certified armorer, and commercial claims manager before her social career. 


She has a self-titled YouTube channel where she has posted a number of Snapchat videos. 

Family of Shara Martinez

The oldest of five, she has two younger brothers and two younger sisters. 

Close associates of Shara Martinez

She became a popular TikTok creator similar to Cash Noguchi. 

Bebe Liane

About Bebe Liane

TikTok star who has risen to fame for her self-titled channel. Her wide variety of lip syncs, comedic sketches, and dances to popular TikTok trends have boosted her to more than 1.3 million likes.

Early life

She began her TikTok channel in 


She has amassed more than 130,000 TikTok followers. 

Family of Bebe Liane

She was born and raised originally in the Philippines.

Close associates of Bebe Liane

She and Andrie Carigo are both famous Filipino TikTok stars. 

Lena Miro

About Lena Miro

Russian blogger who is best known for being the author behind the Miss-Tramell LiveJournal blog. Her blog discussed progressive topics such as sexuality and mental health advocacy.

Early life

She was born Elena Mironenko and she attended Voronezh State University.


In 2018, she published an article titled “Strong Does Not Mean Beautiful.”

Family of Lena Miro

She was born in Russia.

Close associates of Lena Miro

She has written about a number of celebrity relationships including those of Svetlana Bondarchuk. 

Klara Wroblewski

About Klara Wroblewski

Short form video starlet who has risen to fame for her luvklara TikTok channel. She has garnered more than 3.1 million likes for her dances to popular TikTok trends alongside text-in-video lip syncs.

Early life

She launched her TikTok channel in 


She has more than 150,000 TikTok followers. 

Family of Klara Wroblewski

She was born and raised in Canada.

Close associates of Klara Wroblewski

She has danced to Dua Lipa s song “Don t Start Now” on TikTok. 

Jasmine Goode

About Jasmine Goode

Professional dancer turned reality star who became a contestant on season 21 of ABC s The Bachelor. She later went on to appear on the ABC spin-off Bachelor in Paradise.

Early life

She was a dancer for the Golden State Warriors before going on reality television in 2017.


She s also a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

Family of Jasmine Goode

She s originally from San Francisco, California.

Close associates of Jasmine Goode

She competed for the heart of Nick Viall on season 21 of The Bachelor.