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Andre Arendse

About Andre Arendse

Retired South African goalkeeper who gained prominence in the country s Premier Soccer League. He won the league s 2009 championship as goakleeper for SuperSport United and subsequently retired.

Early life

He debuted professionally as a goalkeeper in South Africa for the Cape Town Spurs in 1991.


He played in England for Oxford United and Fulham FC. He also earn 67 caps for the South African national team, with whom he won the 1996 African Cup of Nations.

Family of Andre Arendse

He was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.

Close associates of Andre Arendse

In May 2013, he returned as an emergency goalkeeper for the PSL s Bidvest Wits, and became the oldest goalkeeper in league history by surpassing Bruce Grobbelaar.

Svetlana Kuznetsova

About Svetlana Kuznetsova

Well-rounded player known for heavy topspin and bouts of inconsistency; she won the US Open in 2004 and the French Open in 2009.

Early life

She began playing tennis when she was 7 years old.


She joined the International Tennis Federation in 2000.

Family of Svetlana Kuznetsova

Her father Aleksandr Kuznetsov was an Olympic cycling coach.

Close associates of Svetlana Kuznetsova

She was the third Russian woman to win a Grand Slam title after Anastasia Myskina and Maria Sharapova.

Lana Torres

About Lana Torres

TikTok star who has gained fame for her garlicbabie channel. She has earned massive for her lip-syncs and sketches through memes surrounding astrology.

Early life

She began her TikTok channel in August 2019.


She has amassed more than 60,000 TikTok fans. 

Family of Lana Torres

She hails from the United States.

Close associates of Lana Torres

She and Brodee Ray Swank are both popular lip-syncers on TikTok.

Irina Toneva

About Irina Toneva

World music singer who joined the music group Fabrika in 2002. 

Early life

She worked in a clothing factory and an orchestra.


She finished second in Star Factory in 2002.

Family of Irina Toneva

She married Aleksey Brizha in 2017. Her parents are Ilya Tonev and Lidiya Toneva.

Close associates of Irina Toneva

She and Elena Temnikova are both singers who have competed on Star Factory.

Marina Banfi

About Marina Banfi

Italian social media star who gained a following on her Instagram account. She was known for her mostly constant theme on the photo-sharing platform, where she shared selfies and artsy pictures.

Early life

She posted her first Instagram picture on January 28, 2016.


She appeared in a music video for a rising Italian guitarist and songwriter.

Family of Marina Banfi

She dated YouTube gamer Stefano Lepri.

Close associates of Marina Banfi

She and Valeria Bacocco are both Italian Instagram sensations.

Janice Liou

About Janice Liou

Yoga instructor who has earned recognition for her self-titled brand of personal yoga training. She has gained on her self-titled Instagram account for showcasing her favorite flows and yoga instruction. 

Early life

She earned her bachelor s degree in neuroscience and nutrition from Rutger s University in 2012. 


She has worked as a yoga instructor for PowerFlow Yoga and Hot Yoga Revolution. She has seen her Instagram audience grow to more than 250,000 followers. 

Family of Janice Liou

She is of Taiwanese descent. 

Close associates of Janice Liou

She has performed yoga with Aria Crescendo, and showcased their flow on her Instagram account.