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Braxton Sutter

About Braxton Sutter

American professional wrestler most famous for his work with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. He was previously a heavyweight champion in promotions like Combat Zone Wrestling, Heartland Wrestling Association and National Wrestling Alliance.

Early life

He received wrestling training from Les Thatcher.


He was a member of the stable of villains known as TV Ready during his time with Combat Zone Wrestling.

Family of Braxton Sutter

He married fellow professional wrestler Laura Dennis in 2013. His real name is Jesse Guilmette.

Close associates of Braxton Sutter

He won a Combat Zone Wrestling Tag Team Championship with tag team partner Sabian.

Tori Pareno

About Tori Pareno

Social media star who has risen to fame for her self-titled TikTok account. Her POVs, lip syncs, and dances often featuring meme captions to set the scene have helped her grow to more than 700,000 fans. She has been a signed content creator with Luminosity Gaming since August 2019. 

Early life

She began to develop a following on Twitch in 2016. She began her TikTok account in August 2019. She soon after went viral for performing a hand illusion, and was subsequently featured in The Daily Mail UK and Daily Dot. 


She is a partnered Twitch streamer, and has gained more than 40,000 followers to her self-titled channel. She has also gained more than 50,000 followers to her verified self-titled Instagram account. In late 2020, she moved to the LG x NYC TikTok House. 

Family of Tori Pareno

Her two brothers names are Kevin and Vanny. 

Close associates of Tori Pareno

She was photographed with both FaZe Banks and Thomas Oliveira on her Instagram account in July 2019. She has collaborated with such creators as Valkyrae, Fuslie, and xQc on her Twitch channel. 

Kira Nasrat

About Kira Nasrat

Style and beauty blogger known for writing about her skills on her blog Currently Kira. She is also a professional makeup artist signed to The Wall Group. 

Early life

Her career in makeup began after a close family friend asked her to do makeup for a red carpet event. It was after that that influencer began knocking on her door for their own events. 


Her style photos and product pictures have earned her more than 50,000 fans on Instagram. 

Family of Kira Nasrat

Her mother s name is Parwin and she has a sister named Nadia. 

Close associates of Kira Nasrat

She has done makeup for numerous celebrities including Taylor Grey and Bebe Rexha. 

Lina Huss

About Lina Huss

Social media influencer who has gained notoriety for her liinahuss Instagram content. She has earned for her chic fashion modeling and photoblogging often alongside lifestyle photos. 

Early life

She began her Instagram account in June 2014. 


She has seen her Instagram audience grow to more than 150,000 followers. 

Family of Lina Huss

She has one sister, who is also a social media influencer, named Linda. 

Close associates of Lina Huss

She and Dilara Özcan have been photographed alongside one another on her Instagram account. 

Daisy Jae

About Daisy Jae

Fitness model and weightlifter who shares her muscular physique and rigorous workout routine with her 230,000 Instagram followers. She has posed for magazines like Universe 137. 

Early life

She lived in Muttenz, Switzerland before moving to the U.S. Her modeling career began after being approached by photographer Lee Hagen. 


She played rugby on a Swiss team called the Birds.

Family of Daisy Jae

She was born in Bueno Aires, Argentina. 

Close associates of Daisy Jae

She is a famous Swiss fitness model, much like Cindy Landolt.

Larisa Costea

About Larisa Costea

Blogger who started the fashion brand and site The Mysterious Girl in 2013. She has over 160,000 followers on her larisacostea Instagram account.

Early life

She received her degree in Communication and Public Relations before becoming her own boss.


She made a video campaign with the fashion brand Oana Nutu in July 2016.

Family of Larisa Costea

Her husband Adrian helped her develop The Mysterious Girl.

Close associates of Larisa Costea

She and Iulia Albu are Romanian fashion bloggers.