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Marco André

About Marco André

Instagram star who has used the platform to post selfies, photos of his day to day life, and the time he spends with friends. 

Early life

His first Instagram post from September 2017 was of him and friend.


His first YouTube post from December 2016 is called “Desafio : Bola na Trave (Em Espanha).”

Family of Marco André

He has posted pictures to Instagram of his girlfriend Sonia Santos.

Close associates of Marco André

He and Sara Madeira are both Instagram stars from Portugal.

Jamai Loman

About Jamai Loman

Pop singer/songwriter who rose to fame after winning the first season of the talent show program Idols. During the final round of the competition, he performed a cover of Elton John s “Your Song.”

Early life

In school, he performed with a jazz band known as 8CC.


He portrayed Marius Pontmercy in a 2007 West End production of Les Misérables.

Family of Jamai Loman

He is the son of Bianca Loman-Melger.

Close associates of Jamai Loman

He was photographed with folk singer JP Cooper in early 2017.

Marina Ruy Barbosa

About Marina Ruy Barbosa

Actress who was awarded a Brazilian Youth Award in the category of Best Breakthrough for Bites & Blows and numerous Contigo Awards for roles in Bites & Blows, Seven Sins, Beautiful, and A New Beginning. She is also extremely popular on Instagram with over 37 million followers.

Early life

Her first significant role was in the film Xuxa and the Treasure of the Lost City and she had an early notable television role in Once and Again.


Also a stage actress, she has starred in musicals as Clear in 7 and as the title role in Little Red Riding Hood.

Family of Marina Ruy Barbosa

She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as an only child. She married pilot Alexandre Negrão in 2017.

Close associates of Marina Ruy Barbosa

She played a role in the soap opera Amor à Vida alongside Ricardo Tozzi.

Lena Horne

About Lena Horne

Twentieth-century African-American singer and actress. She famously sang “Stormy Weather,” won a Grammy Award for a 1981 album entitled Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music, and appeared in film versions of The Wiz, Broadway Rhythm, and Ziegfeld Follies.

Early life

After dropping out of high school at the age of sixteen, she performed in the chorus of Harlem s famed Cotton Club.


A civil rights activist with leftist political leanings, she was blacklisted in Hollywood during the McCarthy era.

Family of Lena Horne

She was born in New York City to an affluent family of European, African-American, and Native American heritage. She married Louis Jordan Jones in 1937; the couple had two children.

Close associates of Lena Horne

She appeared with jazz musicians Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington in the 1940 musical film Cabin in the Sky.

Evie Flynn

About Evie Flynn

YouTube star who is famous for her eponymous channel. She has earned massive for her studying tips, school hauls and DIYs, and personal routines alongside makeup tutorials. 

Early life

She began her YouTube channel in April 2014. 


She has amassed more than 30,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. Some of her most popular videos have included “WHAT S IN MY PENCIL CASE? // GCSE STUDENT” and “ROOM TOUR 2017 + DESK TOUR!!.”

Family of Evie Flynn

She was born and raised in England. 

Close associates of Evie Flynn

She vlogged about her experience meeting Jake Mitchell and Saffron Barker in July 2016. 

Mari Malz

About Mari Malz

Brazilian Instagram star who is best known for her modeling, lifestyle, and travel photos. She has amassed over 100,000 followers to her self-titled account.

Early life

She began posting to her Instagram account in Winter 2014.


She spent time traveling to Malibu, California in August 2019. She took a trip to Machu Piccu, Peru and posted photos of herself with Alpacas in February 2019.

Family of Mari Malz

She posted a photo alongside her mother for Mothers Day in May 2019 to her Instagram account. 

Close associates of Mari Malz

She is a Brazilian model and Instagram star in the same vein as Tati Neves.