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Eden Grace

About Eden Grace

Known across social media as GymRatEden, she is LIKEE app star who loved to create glitch, comedy, Christian and lip-sync content. She wished to inspire other kids, leading her to always choose content that was free of negativity. She also liked to post challenge videos on YouTube.

Early life

She focused on gymnastics beginning at the age of 4.


She was verified on LIKEE and the platform VIGO Video. 

Family of Eden Grace

She has an older brother named Ezra and a sister named Taylor. Her brother helped her come up with her social username. Since she is a gymnast, he always said that she was a “gym rat.”

Close associates of Eden Grace

Amy Fernandez was one one of inspirations as a content creator.

Sam Bechara

About Sam Bechara

Short form video creator who is best known for sharing lip sync and slow motion edits on the LIKEE app. In 2018, she was ranked in the top 10 on the platform s Brazil leaderboard. 

Early life

She began her career as a web star by publishing videos on YouTube for fun. 


In 2018, she had the opportunity to travel to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. 

Family of Sam Bechara

Her parents were very supportive of her ambition to become an influencer.  

Close associates of Sam Bechara

She became friends with Sebastian Freudenthaller through TikTok.  

Alisa Kovaliova

About Alisa Kovaliova

Short form video creator and social media influencer who rose to fame on the LIKEE platform. She is recognized for publishing comedy clips on her alicek account.

Early life

She practiced ballet dancing throughout her childhood.


In 2016, she attended the VK Festival and published several vlogs about the event on her YouTube channel.

Family of Alisa Kovaliova

She was born in Belarus.

Close associates of Alisa Kovaliova

Both she and fellow influencer Kristina Bazan were born in Belarus. 

Brooke Marsden

About Brooke Marsden

Well known on social media as BeautyBrooke, she is a video creation sensation with followings on LIKEE, TikTok and YouTube. She and her sister collaborate on a fashion, challenge and beauty YouTube channel called Marsden it.

Early life

She was only about 10 years old when she began making content for the web.


Her personal TikTok account has more than 60,000 fans, but she also accrued about 275,000 fans on LIKEE.

Family of Brooke Marsden

Her twin sister s name is Payton Marsden. She also has a younger sister named Elena.

Close associates of Brooke Marsden

She posted a YouTube video on her joint sister account called “I Tried following Nikkietutorials makeup.”

Arishfa Khan

About Arishfa Khan

Social media personality and influencer who is best known for sharing comedy, beauty, and lip sync content on her self-titled LIKEE account. She has garnered over 550,000 followers on the platform. She s also widely popular on her _arishfakhan_ TikTok account. 

Early life

She began her career as a television actress in her youth.


In 2017, she attended the Indian Television Academy Awards ceremony. 

Family of Arishfa Khan

She s close with her mother, Arshi Naz Khan.

Close associates of Arishfa Khan

She posed for a photo with actress Reem Sameer Shaikh in 2018. 


Mariya Yeremeyeva

About Mariya Yeremeyeva

Short form content creator who rose to fame through her wildly popular glayder LIKEE account. On the platform she ranked on the top 150 global leaderboard and amassed over 430,000 followers.

Early life

In 2014, she posted her first Instagram selfie.


She cosplayed as the DC Comics character Harley Quinn in early 2018. 

Family of Mariya Yeremeyeva

She was born in Russia.

Close associates of Mariya Yeremeyeva

She and fellow influencer Nastya Shmakova were both born in Russia.