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Kaitlyn Malone

About Kaitlyn Malone

Published author and storyteller who rose to fame as a influencer. Her broadcasts have earned her over 60,000 fans and growing.

Early life

Prior to joining in September 2016, she shared vlogs on her self-titled YouTube channel.


She wrote the memoir titled This Is NOT a Sob Story in 2017.

Family of Kaitlyn Malone

She was born and raised in Toronto.

Close associates of Kaitlyn Malone

She hails from the same hometown as stars Drake and The Weeknd.

Felicity Nguyen

About Felicity Nguyen

Verified broadcaster better known as CHICKEN NUGGETS on the platform. She s acquired more than 150,000 fans and growing through her frequent broadcasts, which usually consist of music and her interactions with fans. 

Early life

Prior to establishing herself on, she worked as a barista at Starbucks.


She s also known as Felicitaaay on Snapchat and heyitzfelicity on Instagram.

Family of Felicity Nguyen

She was born and raised in the Bay area. She grew up alongside her twin brother and two younger sisters. 

Close associates of Felicity Nguyen

She chose her username based off of YouTuber Nick Bean s “Chicken Nugget” song. 

Ally Hurst

About Ally Hurst star who rose to fame on her addiandally channel with her twin sister, Addi. They are best known for her daily broadcasts, which include fun challenges, messy games and dance parties.

Early life

She and her sister both grew up as competitive dancers. She s trained in ballet, lyrical, jazz, tap and hip-hop styles of dance.


Her joint channel reaches over 70,000 fans and counting.

Family of Ally Hurst

She s originally from Texas. She and her sister are identical twins.

Close associates of Ally Hurst

She and Amber Tiana are popular broadcasters.

Jennah Leland

About Jennah Leland personality, content creator, and social media influencer who is recognized for her JXOProductions account which has garnered more than 250,000 followers. She d go on to garner a bigger following on Tik Tok under the same username. She signed with Pro Model & Talent for acting and modeling. 

Early life

She rode around on penny boards in several of her earliest uploads. She started making videos at age 7 and started posting on YouTube at age 10. 


She attended the 2017 VidCon event in Anaheim, CA. She plays soccer, volleyball and golf. 

Family of Jennah Leland

Her real name is Jennah Leland. She has an older brother named Skyler. 

Close associates of Jennah Leland

She was featured on Top Five Live alongside Grace Helbig.


About Kate7

Social media phenomenon and proud mother best known as Kate7 on platforms such as and YouTube. She s popular for her live streams and silly vlogs sharing the joys of motherhood, which have garnered her over 440,000 fans and growing on

Early life

She started modeling when she was 16. She first joined social media with Facebook in 2008.


She s an avid animal lover and has owned everything from ferrets to monkeys and pigs.

Family of Kate7

She is based in Southern California with her seven sons and husband.

Close associates of Kate7

She and Sammie Firth are two of s earliest users who ve gained strong fan bases.