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Whit Haydn

About Whit Haydn

Magician who was named the Magic Castle s Magician of the Year six times in a row.

Early life

He toured with the Road Company as an actor, juggler, and magician.


His act was one of the first chosen to open Caesar s Magical Empire in Las Vegas.

Family of Whit Haydn

He married Nancy Haydn.

Close associates of Whit Haydn

He opened for comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Elie Haoui

About Elie Haoui

Magician who has risen to fame for his touring act, often alongside Rick Smith Jr. He has also garnered to his ElieMagic Instagram account for showcasing various illusions and his lifestyle as a touring magician. 

Early life

He received his first magic kit at age 4. He enrolled at Cleveland State University in the fall of 2018. 


He has amassed more than 210,000 followers to his Instagram account. He took on Rick Smith Jr as his personal mentor in 2016. 

Family of Elie Haoui

His parents names are Maria and Vladimir. He has a younger sister named Maya. 

Close associates of Elie Haoui

He has performed his magic routine in front of various celebrities, including Michael Conor, Logan Paul, and Jake Paul. 

Josephine Lee

About Josephine Lee

English illusionist whose talents have been showcased on such television shows as The Magicians, The One Show and Britain s Got Talent. She has been invited to perform private shows for celebrities like Jermaine Jackson and Albert II of Monaco. 

Early life

She got her start in magic by working as the assistant to world-famous magician Hans Klok at age 18. She was originally a dancer based in London. 


She helped Hans Klok set the world record for the greatest number of illusions performed in 5 minutes. 

Family of Josephine Lee

She has a younger brother. 

Close associates of Josephine Lee

She impressed judge Simon Cowell with her performance on Britain s Got Talent. 

Jewel Aich

About Jewel Aich

Entertainer who has long been considered Bangladesh s leading magician.

Early life

He became obsessed with magic from a young age after watching a gypsy perform a show at his house.


He was a recipient of the Ekushey Padak Award, which is one of the highest civilian honors one can attain in Bangladesh.

Family of Jewel Aich

He had one child with his wife, Bipasha Aich.

Close associates of Jewel Aich

He and nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus were both born in Bangladesh.

Penn Jillette

About Penn Jillette

Talkative magician who became a part of the clever illusionist duo Penn & Teller alongside Raymond Joseph Teller.

Early life

He graduated from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, where he was introduced to Teller, his future performance partner.


He is famous for having a red fingernail on his left hand, which began when his mother pestered him to keep his hands looking nice.

Family of Penn Jillette

He had a son named Zolten and a daughter named Moxie with Emily Zolten, whom he married in 2004.

Close associates of Penn Jillette

He was in season five of Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump.

Darcy Oake

About Darcy Oake

Illusionist who captivated audiences during his performances on Britain s Got Talent in 2014. He is known for his ability to make people and objects appear and disappear and predict people s thoughts.

Early life

He was inspired to start in magic at a young age after seeing his father accidentally pull off a card trick when he was a kid.


He became an international magic champion when he was 16, beating out experienced magicians and winning the coveted People s Choice Gold Medal.

Family of Darcy Oake

He was born in Winnipeg, Canada. His father is award-winning sportscaster Scott Oake.

Close associates of Darcy Oake

He was judged on Britain s Got Talent by Amanda Holden.