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Kathy Castricini

About Kathy Castricini

Hugely popular Brazilian social media personality who is famous for her eponymous YouTube channel. She has earned more than 486 million views there for her lifestyle vlogs and hacks, as well as entries documenting her personal life living in Brazil. 

Early life

She launched her YouTube channel in June 2011. 


Some of her most popular YouTube videos have included “TROLANDO MEU FILHO COM MATERIAL ESCOLAR COMESTIVEL” and “Trolando a namorada -E quase ficou solteiro #Kathiel.” She has amassed more than 3.2 million YouTube subscribers. 

Family of Kathy Castricini

She and her husband Ezra welcomed a daughter named Eliza on November 20, 2017.

Close associates of Kathy Castricini

She and Evelyn Regly are both famous YouTubers known for their lifestyle vlogging. 

Lilian Hunt

About Lilian Hunt

TikTok star and influencer who is best recognized for her dance videos and skiing clips which have earned her over 1.2 million total likes. She is also known for her ski instruction videos as well as modeling clips that have helped her gain over 40,000 followers. 

Early life

She first started sharing skiing related photos through her Instagram in July of 2014. She then expanded to TikTok in December of 2019 where her first dancing while skiing clip earned over 70 thousand views and several ForYou features. 


She took a trip to Thailand in March of 2015 and shared photos from the experience through her Instagram. 

Family of Lilian Hunt

She was born and raised in Aspen, Colorado. 

Close associates of Lilian Hunt

She has shared viral dances through her TikTok to the music of Megan Thee Stallion and Young Thug among other artists. 

Juliana Silveira

About Juliana Silveira

Brazilian actress and singer who s best known for playing Carolina in the TV series Chamas da Vida. She also played Raquel Santero Sardes in the 2017 TV series Apocalipse.

Early life

She made her acting debut as Dagmar in the telenovela Pecado Capital in 1998.


She starred in the children s musical soap opera Floribella.

Family of Juliana Silveira

She s the daughter of Giselda Bragança Saúda and Joaquim Silveira Filho. She married John Vergara in 2011. The couple has a son named Bento.

Close associates of Juliana Silveira

She starred in the 2014 telenovela Vitória alongside Thaís Melchior.

Jessy Dixon

About Jessy Dixon

Gospel singer who collaborated with Paul Simon for eight years and who was nominated for seven Grammy Awards.

Early life

Dixon sang at taping sessions of Gaither Homecoming. He went on to be invited to sing at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1972.


He wrote songs for artists like Diana Ross and Cher.

Family of Jessy Dixon

He was born in San Antonio, Texas and moved with his family to Chicago at an early age.

Close associates of Jessy Dixon

His work has been celebrated by artists like Bette Midler.

Dale Murphy

About Dale Murphy

7-time MLB All-Star and two-time National League MVP whose career spanned from 1976 to 1993, mostly with the Atlanta Braves.

Early life

He began his MLB career with the Atlanta Braves, playing catcher.


He was known to be one of the most family-friendly sports figures of the 1980s.

Family of Dale Murphy

He had eight children with his wife Nancy, whom he married in 1979.

Close associates of Dale Murphy

He and Pete Rose were both selected to the 1980 MLB All-Star game.

Erika Rabara

About Erika Rabara

Social media star who is particularly known for her prolific eponymous Instagram page. She has gained widespread there for her modeling photos, as well as those documenting her daily life.

Early life

She published her first post to Instagram on April 21, 2012.


She has earned more than 400,000 total Instagram followers. She has also operated her own MademoiselleErika Tumblr blog.

Family of Erika Rabara

She was born and raised in Vigan, Philippines.

Close associates of Erika Rabara

She and fellow Filipino social media star Daphne Joy are both known for their own prolific Instagram pages.