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Tricia Evasco

About Tricia Evasco

TikTok sensation known for her lip-syncing and POV videos. Her account has gained over 220,000 followers and more than 6 million likes.

Early life

She started studying art at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. She posted her first TikTok in March 2020.


Her first TikTok to go viral was a POV video from June 2020. 

Family of Tricia Evasco

She was born in the Philippines. 

Close associates of Tricia Evasco

She often lip syncs to dialogue from BLACKPINK singer Jennie Kim s videos. 

Marina Mogilko

About Marina Mogilko

Businesswoman and executive who founded the booking engine for language courses and language home-stays LinguaTrip. She also co-founded a company called MP Education LLC.

Early life

She attended St. Petersburg State University.


She was photographed at a film premiere red carpet event in 2017.

Family of Marina Mogilko

She is from Russia.

Close associates of Marina Mogilko

She and fellow businesswoman Miroslava Duma were born in Russia.

Lynsey Dyer

About Lynsey Dyer

Freestyle and mountain skier known for being the first woman on the cover of Freeskier Magazine as well as Power Magazine s 2011 Skier of the Year. Equal parts skier and media star, she s used her platform to encourage women to engage in outdoor sports.

Early life

She grew up skiing in Idaho and won a Junior Olympic gold medal. She attended Montana State University, where she studied graphic design.


Her appearances in film, TV, and commercials include ads for Jeep and Coors, the films Children of Winter and Pretty Faces, and the Bravo TV show Après Ski. She helped found the non-profit She Jumps.

Family of Lynsey Dyer

She grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Close associates of Lynsey Dyer

She was the first woman to open a Warren Miller film when she appeared in Children of Winter.

Kristina Monroe

About Kristina Monroe

Mukbang YouTuber who sits down in front of the camera to eat meals from chain restaurants on a channel called SweetieSnacker. She would garner more than 80,000 subscribers. 

Early life

She deleted her first couple of videos after registering for her channel in July of 2017. 


She launched a self-titled YouTube channel in October of 2017 to publish hauls, challenges and vlogs. 

Family of Kristina Monroe

She has two sons named Wyatt and Ezra. She spanorced in 2020. 

Close associates of Kristina Monroe

She is a Mukbang YouTuber like Michelle Fowler. 

Evie Sharpe

About Evie Sharpe

Rose to fame as a member of the family vlogging channel The Cub House Vlogs which has accumulated more than 30,000 subscribers.  

Early life

She made her YouTube debut in the March 2016 vlog titled “LIVE BIRTH VLOG! EMOTIONAL LABOR AND DELIVERY!” 


She appeared with her family in the viral video “BIRTHDAY MORNING PRESENT OPENING! Rowan s 2nd birthday special!” which earned over 4 million views after it was posted in September 2016. 

Family of Evie Sharpe

Born to Rebecca and Brant Sharpe, she has two older siblings, Callum and Rowan.

Close associates of Evie Sharpe

She is the star of a popular family vlogging channel, much like Az of the Tannerites. 

Kathy Hilton

About Kathy Hilton

American fashion designer and actress who is known as the mother of Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton and has appeared in various television series including Happy Days and Bewitched.

Early life

She graduated from a private high school in Los Angeles where she became best friends with singer Michael Jackson.


She had her own gift shop called The Staircase on Sunset Plaza in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Family of Kathy Hilton

She married Richard Howard Hilton in 1979, and they had four children.

Close associates of Kathy Hilton

She appeared alongside Henry Winkler in an episode of the popular series Happy Days.