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Kristen Kaleihauoli

About Kristen Kaleihauoli

Social media personality who has gained fame for her hawaiikristen TikTok channel. Her original dances, duets, dubs, and lip-syncs in her home state of Hawaii have helped her amass a huge following. 

Early life

She began gaining a following on TikTok in March 2019.


She has seen her audience on TikTok grow to more than 900,000 fans. 

Family of Kristen Kaleihauoli

She has one son and one daughter. She has one younger sister.

Close associates of Kristen Kaleihauoli

She and Abailarconmaga are both pro dancers famous on TikTok. 

Quinn Spurrell

About Quinn Spurrell

Professional model and social media influencer who is well known for his lip-sync videos on the app TikTok. He has more than 70,000 fans on TikTok.

Early life

He went to a summer camp called Lakeshore Pentecostal Camp.


He was signed as a model by Spot 6 Management.

Family of Quinn Spurrell

He has a sister named Hannah, and his mother s name is Jeannine.

Close associates of Quinn Spurrell

He is a good friend of Jayda Vallance, and often collaborates with her.

Marianne Nafsu

About Marianne Nafsu

Popular social media star who is best recognized for her mariannenafsu TikTok account, where she posts comedy and storytime videos. She has accumulated over 1.7 million followers on the video platform. 

Early life

She launched her TikTok account in December 2019. 


Some of her most popular TikTok videos feature clips from Disney movies. 

Family of Marianne Nafsu

Her husband, Jovian, and her two children have appeared on her mariannenafsu_ Instagram account.

Close associates of Marianne Nafsu

She posted a duet with TikTok star Charli D Amelio in February 2020. 

Harley Constant

About Harley Constant

Lip-sync, dance and effects-driven video creator who has gained more than 350,000 followers for his harleyconstant TikTok account.

Early life

He was previously known on TikTok by the username of harleyc3_.


His video “gender swap day. this better not flop..” was watched more than 4 million times. 

Family of Harley Constant

He is from Florida. 

Close associates of Harley Constant

He made a dance duet video featuring Charli D Amelio and captioned it “i heard if you duet this your views will go up by 15%.”

Marina Morga

About Marina Morga

Dancer best known for her appearance in the 2012 film Battlefield America. She has worked at the Connection Performing Arts Center and the Soreal Dance Studio.

Early life

She studied at the prestigious performance school Julliard in New York City.


She is fluent in English and Tagalog.

Family of Marina Morga

She was born in Quezon City in the Philippines but later moved to Mill Creek, Washington.

Close associates of Marina Morga

She appeared in Battlefield America, a film starring Marques Houston .

Karol Holanda

About Karol Holanda

Instagram star and blogger at where she focuses on different lifestyle, health, beauty, and fashion related content. She is known for sharing her modeling content in different tropical locations with a green a blue aesthetic to her over 260,000 Instagram followers. 

Early life

She first began sharing her modeling content and blogging photos to Instagram in September of 2013. 


She is known for being a brand ambassador and social media influencer for several companies including Dourado s Doces and Flat Tummy Tea. 

Family of Karol Holanda

She was born and raised in Brazil. 

Close associates of Karol Holanda

Other fashion bloggers from Brazil include Gabriela Freitas, Duda Caroline, and Mariah Bernardes.