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Luana Camarah

About Luana Camarah

Brazilian rock singer who has gained fame as the lead singer of the rock band Malta.

Early life

She became the lead singer of Malta after winning the reality show, Malta – Make A Part Of That Dream.


She has 80,000 total followers on Instagram.

Family of Luana Camarah

She regularly posts pictures of her two dogs to Instagram.

Close associates of Luana Camarah

She is a fan of the Foo Fighters and covered the song “Best of You” written by Dave Grohl.

Liza Snyder

About Liza Snyder

Supporting actress who became known to television audiences as Christine Hughes on the long-running series Yes, Dear.

Early life

She had her first acting role in the television series The Trials of Rosie O Neill.


She had his best-well known film role in the award-nominated 2000 film Pay It Forward.

Family of Liza Snyder

Her father has been a theater professor at Smith College and her mother has been a singer-songwriter.

Close associates of Liza Snyder

She is the granddaughter of actress Betty Furness.

Leila George

About Leila George

Actress and acting royalty recognized as the daughter of Vincent D Onofrio. She gained fame after she was cast in the 2017 James Franco directed drama The Long Home.

Early life

She first began working in filmmaking in 2013 working as a camera operator on the documentary The Last Impresario.


In 2016, she acted as Leah Lewisohn in the television movie Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?

Family of Leila George

Her parents are renowned actors Greta Scacchi and Vincent D Onofrio and she has three siblings, Elias, Luka, and Matteo. She married Sean Penn in 2020. Her aunt is actress Elizabeth D Onofrio.

Close associates of Leila George

She appeared alongside Dane DeHaan in the 2019 film The Kid. 

Kathy Ireland

About Kathy Ireland

Sports Illustrated model and founder of Kathy Ireland Worldwide, a marketing company which has made her one of the most financially successful models in the world.

Early life

Her very first job was delivering newspapers.


Between 2005 and 2012, her business had amassed profits estimated at $2 billion.

Family of Kathy Ireland

She married Greg Olsen in 1988 and the couple had two daughters named Lily and Chloe and a son named Erik.

Close associates of Kathy Ireland

Her friend Warren Buffett encouraged her to pursue a career in home furnishings.

Lilian Pacce

About Lilian Pacce

Journalist and fashion critic of the Brazilian newspapers O Estado de Sao Paulo and Folha de S. Paulo. She has also been the presenter of GNT s weekly series GNT Fashion. She created her self-titled lifestyle and fashion blog Lilian Pacce.

Early life

She began her career contributing to publications such as Vogue Brazil, Elle and Daslu and Icarus.


She won Best Fashion Journalist in the country from Phytoervas Fashion in 1998 and again in 2000 from the Brazilian Association of Textile Industry.

Family of Lilian Pacce

She was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She studied abroad at the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins.

Close associates of Lilian Pacce

She studied at the same college as designer Alexander McQueen.

Latisha Tankard

About Latisha Tankard

Pastor, missionary, mom and radio host who stars in the Bravo reality program Thicker Than Water.

Early life

She was born in Petersburg, Virginia.


She hosts the radio show Our Marriage Rocks alongside her husband Marcus Tankard.

Family of Latisha Tankard

She became the daughter-in-law of Ben and Jewel Tankard.

Close associates of Latisha Tankard

She has appeared alongside Jewel Tankard on Thicker Than Water.