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George Sutherland

About George Sutherland

Warren G. Harding appointee to the Supreme Court who was one of the four horsemen of conservative judges who opposed the New Deal.

Early life

He left school at the age of 12 to clerk at a clothing store to help his family. He later financed his own education at Brigham Young Academy.


He authored an opinion in 1923 that members of the Indian Sikh race were not white within the scope of citizenship laws and could not become U.S. citizens.

Family of George Sutherland

He was born in Buckinghamshire, England, his family converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Close associates of George Sutherland

He, James Clark McReynolds, Willis Van Devanter, and Pierce Butler comprised the faction that opposed President Franklin D. Roosevelt s New Deal legislation to help with the Great Depression.

Rosa Thebanezs

About Rosa Thebanezs

Dance and comedy content creator who rose to fame as one-half of the TikTok duo thebanezs. She and her creative partner Estela Thebanezs
have amassed more than 2.2 million fans and over 36 million hearts on the platform. 

Early life

One of her oldest TikTok videos was set to Lola Índigo s “Ya No Quiero Ná.”


She has choreographed Cumbia dance routines.  

Family of Rosa Thebanezs

She was born in Cuba. 

Close associates of Rosa Thebanezs

She performed a dance routine set to Drake s “In My Feelings.”

Morgan Zuchora

About Morgan Zuchora

Gained fame on TikTok by posting dance, transition, comedy and lip sync videos. 

Early life

She was first known on TikTok by the account name baby.zu before changing it to her surname. 


She frequently used Eminem songs more than any big-time artist for her lip sync videos. 

Family of Morgan Zuchora

Her dad, who she has referred to as Father Zuchora, appeared in her TikTok videos. She also has a sister.  

Close associates of Morgan Zuchora

She posted a number of TikTok videos that were inspired by Helena Bruder. 

Keren Weinstein

About Keren Weinstein

Gossip blogger who s built a huge online following for her Chismes de Ker (Ker s Gossip) brand. She has over 40,000 followers on Facebook and over 270,000 followers on Instagram. 

Early life

She worked in advertising for years before branching out to become a gossip blogger. 


She s also worked as an entertainment correspondent and has featured videos of herself on her Instagram. 

Family of Keren Weinstein

She s had three children. 

Close associates of Keren Weinstein

Soledad Fandiño is one of the celebrities covered on her blog. 

Hope Marcum

About Hope Marcum

Younger sister of dancer and social media star Grace Marcum who is a dancer as well. She and her sister are featured on the YouTube channel mydancingmonkeys.

Early life

She first started dancing when she was three years old.


She has danced competitively alongside her sister for the Dance Institute.

Family of Hope Marcum

She and Grace are the daughters of Tanya and Mark Marcum.

Close associates of Hope Marcum

She has worked with choreographer Hefa Tuita.

Kyle Lowry

About Kyle Lowry

Scrappy and well-rounded NBA point guard who was selected 24th overall in the 2006 NBA Draft by the Memphis Grizzlies after two stellar seasons at Villanova. He played for the Rockets from 2009 to 2012 before a trade sent him to the Toronto Raptors. He was named to his first NBA All-Star game in 2015 and in 2019, he helped the Raptors win the NBA Championship. 

Early life

He had a .444 3-point field goal percentage his last year at Villanova University. He was also an All-Big East Second Team selection in 2006 and a Big East All-Rookie Team selection in 2005. 


He had his breakout season in 2010-11 with the Rockets, starting 71 games and averaging 13.5 points and 6.7 assists per game. 

Family of Kyle Lowry

He was raised with a younger brother named Lonnie. He married his childhood sweetheart Ayahna Cornish-Lowry and they have children named Karter and Kameron. 

Close associates of Kyle Lowry

At Villanova, he was teammates with fellow guard and future first round selection Randy Foye.