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Marley Arnold

About Marley Arnold

Trending dance content creator and TikTok personality who rose to fame under the handle maskedancetutorials. Her masked performances have generated more than 12 million likes on the platform.

Early life

She is a formally trained dancer who took classes at Edge Dance Studios.


In 2020, the Teen Choice Awards asked her if they could use one of her dance videos. 

Family of Marley Arnold

She was born in the United States. 

Close associates of Marley Arnold

She created a duet video featuring Jalaiya Bartley. The video was viewed more than 65,000 times. 

Mallory Small

About Mallory Small

TikTok star who has gained fame for her self-titled channel. She has earned more than 4.1 million likes for her challenges, dances to TikTok trends, and lip syncs.

Early life

She began posting to TikTok in December 2018.


She has amassed more than 100,000 TikTok followers. She has studied at Southern Illinois University. 

Family of Mallory Small

She was born and raised in the US.

Close associates of Mallory Small

She and Kristen Kaleihauoli are both popular dancers on TikTok.

Mara Franch

About Mara Franch

Spanish TikTok star and social media influencer who is best recognized for her lip synch videos and short modeling clips which she shares for her over 650,000 fans. She is also known for her viral dances and comedy clips which have helped her earn more than 19 million total likes. 

Early life

She first started sharing modeling based photos through Instagram in March 2016. She then started gaining further attention when she expanded to video content and started posting to TikTok in September 2016. 


She is also known for having two pet Chihuahuas who are often featured on her Instagram stories. 

Family of Mara Franch

She shared a photo with her mother through Instagram in July of 2017. She began dating fellow social media star Melías. 

Close associates of Mara Franch

In July 2020, she posted a photo on her Instagram account of herself at the beach with By Hermoss and María de Paco. 

Leanna Nicole Laming

About Leanna Nicole Laming

Interior designer and DIY expert who runs the popular Clare and Grace Design blog and Instagram. She has over 170,000 followers on the platform.

Early life

She s been based in Houston, Texas and she found her passion for decor after flipping three houses with her husband in a few years.


While her Instagram features primarily design and lifestyle content, her blog features more in-depth artciles about her family and various projects. 

Family of Leanna Nicole Laming

She s had three children, two daughters and one son. 

Close associates of Leanna Nicole Laming

Mackenzie Horan is also a popular design blogger who s been based in Houston. 

Mari Paramonova

About Mari Paramonova

Russian TikTok star who is best known for her lifestyle, fashion, and lip-sync video clip content. She has worked professionally as a model, working as a model in various countries across Europe.

Early life

She began modeling as a 15 year old.


She spent time vacationing to Punta Cana in August 2019. She has gained over 750,000 followers to her well known TikTok page.

Family of Mari Paramonova

She was born and raised in Russia.

Close associates of Mari Paramonova

She is a popular TikTok star comparable to Benji Krol.

Lola Van Vorst

About Lola Van Vorst

Model who rose to fame competing on the fifth cycle of the popular reality series Australia s Next Top Model. Thereafter, she went on to sign with the Agency Models.

Early life

In March 2009, she joined the social media world with her Twitter, debuting with the tweet “i don t understand this strange..twitter.”


She has become incredibly popular on Instagram, earning more than 20,000 followers on the photo sharing app.

Family of Lola Van Vorst

She came out as a lesbian following the airing of Australia s Next Top Model. She eventually began a relationship with fellow model and former Top Model star Taylah Roberts.

Close associates of Lola Van Vorst

Both she and Cassi Van Den Dungen were Australia s Next Top Model hopefuls in the fifth cycle of the popular series.