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About Aphroditekillem

Social media starlet who is famous for her aphroditekillem Instagram account. She has risen to massive there for her personal modeling photos and dancing vignettes. 

Early life

She began her Instagram account in February 2018. 


She has amassed more than 130,000 followers to her Instagram account.

Family of Aphroditekillem

She was born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. 

Close associates of Aphroditekillem

She and Kelvin Watson are both famous for their dancing on Instagram. 

Samson Arakelyan

About Samson Arakelyan

Rapper known as Big Som who started the Doma Doma Foundation in 2014. He released the track “Give the ball” in 2015. He has 120,000 followers on his bigsom Instagram account. 

Early life

He attended the Central-Asian University of Almaty where he received his Bachelors from 1997 to 2002. 


He became a Senior Advisor at the International Institute of Safety Professionals in 2009.

Family of Samson Arakelyan

He is from Kazakhstan.

Close associates of Samson Arakelyan

He and Jah Khalib are both rappers from Kazakhstan. 

María Paulina

About María Paulina

Social media star and model, primarily known for her dancing and lip-synching videos on TikTok. Her mariapaulinarm TikTok account has accumulated over 470,000 followers.

Early life

She first began posting content on her mariapaulinarm TikTok account in August of 2019.


In just under 18 months since the creation of her TikTok account, she has already received over 5,800,000 likes.

Family of María Paulina

She lives with her father, Pablo, in the city of Valencia, which is in Carabobo, Venezuela. 

Close associates of María Paulina

She helped El Pana Arabe celebrate his 7 million followers by creating a dancing TikTok video with him.

Missy Quino

About Missy Quino

Social media star and content creator who is best recognized for her m.quinoo TikTok account where she posts dance and lip-sync videos. She has earned over 270,000 followers on the platform. 

Early life

She launched her TikTok account in March 2020. 


She has over 420,000 subscribers on her m.quinoo Instagram account. 

Family of Missy Quino

Her younger brother has appeared on her Instagram account.

Close associates of Missy Quino

She posted a TikTok video set to the Little Mix song “Oops” in March 2020. 

Marina Mamic

About Marina Mamic

Makeup artist who has the skills to transform her face into any celebrity, ranging from Al Pacino to Johnny Depp to Cara Delevingne. She has 140,000 followers on her marinamamic Instagram account.

Early life

She started creating her makeup transformations in 2012.


She has been written up on Daily Mail, LADbible, and Pretty 52.

Family of Marina Mamic

Originally from Bosnia, she later moved to Croatia. She has maintained a close relationship with her mother, Marica. She grew up alongside two older sisters named Katarina and Jelena and a younger brother named Dario. She has a niece, Ema, and she often does her makeup.

Close associates of Marina Mamic

She and makeup artist Sierra Gates were born in 1989.

Lizzy Ward Thomas

About Lizzy Ward Thomas

British country singer and one-half of the musical duo known as the Ward Thomas band. They rose to fame from their debut album From Where We Stand, which peaked at number on the UK Country Chart and won UK Album of the Year at the British Country Music Awards.

Early life

She and her sister Catherine Ward Thomas started writing songs together while attending college at Hurtwood House.


She and her sister became the first country duo to top the UK Albums Chart with their second album Cartwheels.

Family of Lizzy Ward Thomas

She and Catherine are twins who grew up in Hampshire England.

Close associates of Lizzy Ward Thomas

She and Tyler Hubbard are both part of chart-topping, country music duos.