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Renae Nel

About Renae Nel

TikTok content creator who makes choreographed lip-sync videos on her account, Nel.Twinnys, with the help of her identical twin sister Shanae. The girls have earned more than 1.4 million fans.

Early life

She posted for the first time to her Instagram account, imrenaenel, in February of 2017.


She and her sister created a YouTube channel called Shanae&Renae. Their first video was a “Q&A.”

Family of Renae Nel

She is from England and her family s background is from Zimbabwe.

Close associates of Renae Nel

One of the videos on her collaborative TikTok channel featured the #thankyounextchallenge associated with the Ariana Grande song “Thank U, Next.”

Marina Sirtis

About Marina Sirtis

British actress best known for portraying counselor Denna Troi on the popular series Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek Nemeis. She is also a voice actor and has worked on the animated series Gargoyles. 

Early life

She debuted as an actress while working at Connaught Theater in England.


Her parents did not want her to be an actress, so she had to apply to the Guild Hall School of Music and Drama secretly.

Family of Marina Sirtis

She has a younger brother, Steve. She married Michael Lamper in 1992.

Close associates of Marina Sirtis

She co-starred with Patrick Stewart in the Star Trek TV series and films.

Hayley McFarland

About Hayley McFarland

Actress and singer known for her roles as Emily Lightman on the TV series Lie to Me and as Brooke Putner on Sons of Anarchy. She also starred in the 2013 horror film The Conjuring.

Early life

She appeared early in her career in episodes of Without a Trace and Medium.


Her television credits include guest spots on Pushing Daisies and 24.

Family of Hayley McFarland

She was raised in Edmond, Oklahoma. She later moved to Burbank, CA to pursue acting. 

Close associates of Hayley McFarland

She guest-starred in two episodes of Gilmore Girls, a series that featured actress Lauren Graham.

Mari Palma

About Mari Palma

Brazilian journalist and TV presenter who s famously known for hosting the Rede Globo program G1 em 1 Minuto. She won the 2017 Troféu Mulher Imprensa award for Repórter de Site de Notícias.

Early life

She graduated with a Bachelor s degree in Journalism from Cásper Líbero College.


She hosted the Prêmio Profissionais do Ano awards in 2017.

Family of Mari Palma

She confirmed she was dating the journalist Phelipe Siani on Instagram in July 2017.

Close associates of Mari Palma

Phelipe Siani is another prominent Brazilian journalist. 

Jill Goodacre

About Jill Goodacre

Victoria s Secret s top model of the 80s who married Harry Connick, Jr.

Early life

She joined Victoria s Secret when it was still a fledgeling company and her modeling helped it grow.


She was in a couple of her husband s music videos.

Family of Jill Goodacre

She and Harry Connick, Jr. have three daughters named Charlotte, Georgia and Sara.  

Close associates of Jill Goodacre

She appeared as herself on an episode of Friends with Craig Bierko.

Kim Tae-Hee

About Kim Tae-Hee

South Korea s leading lady who starred in dramas series such as Stairway to Heaven, Love Story in Harvard and My Princess.

Early life

She graduated with a degree in fashion design from South Korea s Seoul University in 2005.


She won numerous South Korean acting awards for her roles in Love Story in Harvard and The Restless, a 2006 fantasy film.

Family of Kim Tae-Hee

Her younger brother Lee Wan was also an actor, and appeared in Once Upon a Time in Seoul. She also has an older sister named Kim Hee-won. She married singer and longtime love Rain in 2017.

Close associates of Kim Tae-Hee

She was cast in the drama series Yong-Pal alongside Chae Jung-an.