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Scott Swift

About Scott Swift

Father of Austin and Taylor Swift who entered the finance world as a stock broker and established a financial advisory group called Swift Group.

Early life

He graduated from the University of Delaware in 1974.


He relocated his company to Nashville, Tennessee when Taylor was pursuing music as a career.

Family of Scott Swift

He married Andrea Swift on February 20, 1988. He has brothers named Archie and Douglas.

Close associates of Scott Swift

His son Austin Swift is a freelance photographer.

David Marshall

About David Marshall

Scottish goalkeeper most famous for his years with Celtic FC, Norwich City and Cardiff City as well as the Scottish national team. He was named Cardiff City s Player of the Year in 2014.

Early life

He grew up in Celtic FC s youth academy and made his senior debut with the club in 2002.


He was named to the Sky Sports MNF Team of the Season for 2013-14 while playing for Cardiff City.

Family of David Marshall

He was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

Close associates of David Marshall

He and Peter Whittingham have both been named Cardiff City s Player of the Year.

Melanie Ortiz

About Melanie Ortiz

Social media star best known for her melanieortz TikTok account where she posts lip-sync and comedy content. She has earned over 400,000 followers. 

Early life

She launched her TikTok account in December 2019. 


She has accumulated over 210,000 followers on her melanie_ortz Instagram account. 

Family of Melanie Ortiz

Her daughter has appeared on her TikTok account. 

Close associates of Melanie Ortiz

She posted a TikTok video set to the Ozuna song “Bebe” in December 2019. 

Nina Perry

About Nina Perry

TikTok star and content creator, also known as Swag Dripper. She posts dance and lip sync videos. She has earned more than 30,000 followers on her ninzkabinz account.

Early life

She launched her TikTok account in December 2018.


She is also active on Twitter and Twitch. She streams Just Chatting videos and video games, including Minecraft and Valorant.

Family of Nina Perry

She is from Malaysia.

Close associates of Nina Perry

In July 2020, she posted a video featuring dialogue from Matthew Broderick in the film Ferris Bueller s Day Off.

Kelsey Henson

About Kelsey Henson

Fitness influencer who rose to prominence when she started dating Game of Thrones star Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. She has over 450,000 followers on Instagram.

Early life

She graduated from the University of Alberta.  


She often features videos of herself and Björnsson training together and attending various events on her Instagram.

Family of Kelsey Henson

She met Björnsson while she was a waitress in Alberta. He was visiting for a strong man competition in town and visited her restaurant. 

Close associates of Kelsey Henson

She has a tattoo of Star Wars Princess Leia played by Carrie Fisher on her bicep. 

Lena Martinson

About Lena Martinson

Model who is best known for her work with Playboy, having been named Playboy Mexico s Official Cyber Girl of the Month for July 2014. She has also been featured in magazines like MOLL and amassed more than 150,000 followers on Instagram, where she is known as lenachubz. 

Early life

She lived in Laguna Beach, California before moving to Toronto, Canada.


She is a multiple-time finalist in Playboy s Miss Social contest.

Family of Lena Martinson

She has an older sister.

Close associates of Lena Martinson

She has done modeling shoots with Annelise Marie.