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Pablo Olivares

About Pablo Olivares

Metal and Christian music singer and musician who has won Arpa, Gospel Paraguay and G de Dante Gebel awards for his solo work. He is also notable for his time with the group Halogena. 

Early life

He founded Halogena in 1989 with former high school classmates. They were first called Último Momento. 


He participated in choirs for the Spanish version of the album Jekyll & Hyde from the band Petra. 

Family of Pablo Olivares

His father Héctor Olivares died in 2009. His mom is Beatriz Alonso and he has a sister named Natalia. He married Lorena Buda and they have children named Matías and Alejo. 

Close associates of Pablo Olivares

One of his early influences for the band Halogena was David Coverdale s group Whitesnake. 

Krysta Cameron

About Krysta Cameron

Former lead vocalist of the metalcore band Iwrestledabearonce who led the way on the band s first two studio albums, It s All Happening and Ruining it for Everybody, the former of which topped the US Top Heatseekers chart.

Early life

She was an original member of the band from its inception beginning in 2007.


She was supplanted by Courtney LaPlante in the band.

Family of Krysta Cameron

She became pregnant in 2012 which forced her to take a leave of absence from the band. She gave birth to a boy in 2013. She would not return to the band. She married musician Andrew Darroh Sudderth.

Close associates of Krysta Cameron

The band s name was inspired from a comment Gary Busey once made on Comedy Central.

Lucia Cifarelli

About Lucia Cifarelli

Famous as the lead vocalist of the German industrial band KMFDM, this Long Island-born heavy metal musician also performed with a 1990s, New York-based band called Drill.

Early life

She began her association with KMFDM after being chosen as a member of the group s 2000-2001 side project, MDFMK.


She performed with a music group called Schwein that included members of the metal bands Pig and Buck-Tick.

Family of Lucia Cifarelli

Her marriage to her KMFDM bandmate Sascha Konietzko resulted in a daughter.

Close associates of Lucia Cifarelli

Her first solo album, From the Land of Volcanoes, included a track, “I Will,” that was featured on the soundtrack of the hit Jason Biggs film American Pie 2.

Candace Kucsulain

About Candace Kucsulain

Metal vocalist known as one fifth of the Detroit-born band Walls of Jericho. The band began in 1998 but went on a hiatus in 2001 until their reformation two years later. The band has since released over half a dozen successful albums and EPs.

Early life

She spent two years singing with the band Apathemy before she auditioned for Walls of Jericho in 1998. Not long after joining, the band began touring around Detroit.


She and her husband spawned a musical side project called The Beautifuls during a Walls of Jericho hiatus.

Family of Candace Kucsulain

Her husband, Frankie, is the guitarist for the Boston-born band Death Before Dishonor. In 2011, they gave birth to a daughter named Patsy.

Close associates of Candace Kucsulain

In 2003, Alkaline Trio drummer Derek Grant briefly joined her in Walls of Jericho.

Frankie Palmeri

About Frankie Palmeri

Lead vocalist of the metalcore band Emmure who has performed on each of the band s 6 LPs they released between 2007 and 2014.

Early life

He met Emmure original members Joe and Ben Lionetti through an internet message board and traveled to Connecticut to rehearse with them.


He is a fan of Street Fighter and Marvel Comics which is shown in several of the band s song lyrics.

Family of Frankie Palmeri

He is from Queens, New York.

Close associates of Frankie Palmeri

He was featured on the Riff Raff remix of his song “2 Girls 1 Pipe.”